Communication Climate Responses Paper

In today’s day and time the world has evolved in ways some would have never imagined in the way we receive information and entertainment in so many ways through the media that includes internet, television, radio, magazines as well as news papers. With the internet at the tip of our flinger daily it can make it hard for one to not take advantage of being able to get up and check emails, backbone, mainstream, and or phone messages.

While obtaining my personal media inventory I was able to recognize in today’s society media is essential for daily functionality within this day and age. It has almost completely taken over every form of our lives. Let’s face it from the moment an individual wakes up, to begin their day until that winding down time the same individual begins to cap the night off there is some form of media introduced in their daily lifestyle. If there were someone that wasn’t in touch with today’s society it media may not have any impact on them unlike the next person.

I mean let’s face it if you were to go out and not see the average person walking around with their face deeply in their mobile device would probably would think something major was going on, it is just the society that we live in. People use media devices in a variety of different ways that allows them to find a broader technological advance to make our daily lifestyle easier to learn and adhere to life in general. There are mainly two main data uses which, falls in the media as devices as informative and entertainment.

One being based on current events, things related to the news, helping one to stay relevant in what’s going on in the world. Then there is the other one where you have the amusement of what’s happening you have comedy skits, games for extra curricular activity. We have so many outlets to social media that can keep one updated on current events and entertainment such as yahoo, backbone, mainstream, harpsichordist, ms, I can go on. There is just so many out here that people can pick and choose what they want to have to catch up with or amuse them.

It can easily be said that there are a few devices that people use everyday such as the cell phone, computer, and television. Devices on my inventory have served to a major extent in improving my social life. This is mainly due to the cellular phone, it allows a president, unlimited amount of access to people who are most important in my day-to-day life. Then there is the internet that presents access to many different media sites such as social networking. Social networking has made it so easy for one to actually network, by meeting new people that which, have the same attributes. De right it can pretty much put some ones social life through the roof. You have backbone which happens to be the most used social media site in the world, it allows you to reconnect to with old friends and new friends. Now even with your cellular phone or tablet you can still communicate with family and friends. According to my inventory, it appears clear that the television, cellular phone, and internet all has a sense of convergence. I tend to use my cell phone for all of my communication, testing and some social applications. E my cable television to watch preferred shows and scheduled movies. I then have my Pod that I also use every day whether I use it at work or I am using it when I workout, I love listening to music preferably R and B, Jazz and a little old school Hip Hop. I even use my pod when I am doing homework to stay focused. Pretty much use my phone for everything now even music sometimes. The phone started out solely as a communication piece. It has since then served its purpose for many things, I use it to take pictures, video record my son’s football games.

Many people like myself inhabit numerous amounts of technology within our society, this makes it difficult to take in all that today’s technology has to offer on social reality, let alone in one real life. We as a people are so entrenched in our daily technological world that we barely even know that it exist. At this particular time it is essential that we inquire difficult and searching questions about the place of personal technology in our lives. I have noticed the the scope Of such heartache while I was on a technology fast, trying to live without any technology for a week.

When tell you the first two days were the hardest of my life I mean it. It was tough trying to do everything according to a previous schedule hoping nothing changed because didn’t have a phone or anything to communicate with. After getting past the first couple of days it became easy. Not having the television or computer, internet wasn’t as bad because I was able to catch up on a lot of reading. Although was able to accomplish this week task I wouldn’t want to try it again.