Company profle of share khan ltd

It is a member of the stock exchange, Iambi. It is a depository participant of the NUNS and CADS. Its business includes stock broking, depository revises, portfolio management and derivatives. The company’s core specialty lies in its retail distribution with a large network of branches I. E. 510 share shops (retail shops) in 170 cities in India and sub-brokers/authorized persons. Its strengths lies in its investment research capabilities.

Its research division has several analysts continuously monitoring global, national and regional political, economic and social situations so as to assess their impact on the economy in general, the sectors so as to assess their impact on the economy in general, the sectors and companies they research which helps them. The SKI Group Comprises of Institutional broking and Corporate Finance. The Institutional broking division caters to domestic and foreign institutional investors, while the Corporate Finance Division focuses on niche areas such as infrastructure, Telecoms and media.

SKI has been voted as the Top Domestic Brokerage House in the research category by Euro Money Survey and by Asia Money Survey. For the derivate segment, to educate the potential investors towards the share market they provide a study kit named the ‘Derivative Digest’. And for potential investors wanted o start the trading in the share market also provided with the study kit ‘First Step to investing in the share market’, gives them a general understanding about how the share market operates, and it also gives an idea regarding the role of share brokers in the Capital Market.

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These are the wide-raging services offered by the share khan to its customers and most importantly. Share Khan is blessed with well-dedicated sales wings, who are looking after the various needs of the customers in a committed manner and which provide the customers with tremendous amount of satisfaction and happiness about their investment. . 2 Nature of the Business Carried:- Shrank is a broking company. The company offers a complete range of pre trade, trade and post trade service on the BEES (Bombay Stock Exchange) and the ONES (National Stock Exchange).

Whether the client come in to the company’s conventionally located officers and trade in a dedicated ambiance or issue instructions over the phone, our highly trained team and sophisticated equipment ensure smooth transactions and prompt service. 1. Investment Advisory Service 3. Depository Services 4. Investment options includes 5. Online trading (Includes equity, derivatives) . Commodities trading 7. Mutual Funds 8. Portfolio management Services Shrank Branches are conceptualized to be place where investors can come in contact with investment opportunities in an atmosphere of convenience and comfort.

Our services are available throughout our network of 510 Share Shops spanning 170 major towns and cities in the country. Professionals seeks to educate clients and end their confusion by custom an Investment Plan according to the needs of clients and is also today a part of company’s induction program advising employees on how to plan their investments. 3. VISION, MISSION AND BELIEFS:- VISION:- To be the best retail broking brand in the Indian Equities market.

MISSION:- To educate and empower the individual investor to make better investment decisions through quality advice and superior service. BELIEFS AND EXPECTATIONS: Shrank believe in and promote a culture that:- Stimulates the employees’ drive to excel Nurture their entrepreneurial spirit by providing them exposure to challenging work opportunities and imparting autonomy to function effectively Support the employees to deliver by incorporating practices aimed at Employee development/skill acquisition

Enhancing transparency and trust, being non-discriminative to any practice/ procedure/system Establishing norms towards enforcing discipline in the organization as regards work etiquette’s Promotes collaboration and team spirit amongst the employees Acknowledges and rewards individual and team contribution through appropriate rewards, recognition and compensation Builds a sense of ownership across the organization for adherence to risk and compliance procedures amongst all employees and channel partners. 3. 4 Some of the outlets are