Comparing Strong and Weak Acids

Purpose/Problem Statement: The purpose of this lab is to investigate the change of heat in the water when we change the color of the bottom of the solar cooker. Independent Variable- Color of bottom of cooker Dependent Variable- Change in temperature Hypothesis- If you make the color of the bottom of the cooker darker than the water will get hotter because darker colors absorb more heat. Procedure 1 . Gather materials ( attached) 2. Set up solar cooker with white bottom 3. Put beaker of water with 100 grams into the bottom .

Set up lamp (of above the solar cooker 5. Take the temperature of the water 6. Start timer/ turn on lamp 7. Record temperature every minute for 15 minutes 8. Turn off lamp dispose of water 9. Repeat steps 2-8 with green bottom 10. Repeat step 9 with black bottom 11. Clean up Conclusion: In conclusion, the trends in the data do not support our hypothesis because our hypothesis stated that the darker color will give the water more heat than the lighter color, as we thought darker colors absorb more heat.

The data stated the green bottom had the most change in heat and the white bottom had the least, although green is darker than white we were looking for the darkest color black which somehow had the medium change. What we did in the experiment was we replaced the bottom with different colors to test if the temperature would have a significant change. The data stated the white bottom gave a Max temperature of 27. 2 and green gave a Max temperature of 28 and black gave a Max temperature of 26. 8.

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