Comparison of Ode to the west wind

They have a serious, dark, sad and almost melancholic tone. It is sad and dark because in both poems there is pain involved. In Ode to the west wind, the narrator is sad and suffering because he wants to be heard by the world and wants to be powerful and “untamable” like the wind. He feels oppressed by the world and That is why he asks the wind, “make me thy lyre”. He wants the wind to be his spirit and to drive his thoughts across mankind. He suffers on earth, he is “chained and bowed with the weight of his hours upon earth. He does no longer want to live.

He would rather die than having his every word being oppressed by the world. We see Just how dark and sad the tone is. The speaker begs the wind to uplift him. In the poem: Do not go gentle into that good night, the tone is very similar. The speaker also suffers and feels pain because his father is dying. Here, the narrator begs his father not to go gentle into that good night. We can really see the dark and serious tone. As we can see, in both of the poems, the speaker begs for something to append, or something not to happen.

The narrators pray for their wishes to come true and for their knowledge to be passed on. The language used by the authors is also very powerful. Both poems are monologues, which makes their speech even more dramatic and influential. In addition to that, there are also some very strong repetitions, exclamations and rhetorical questions in both poems that also make the narrators’ speeches stronger and more effective. ” O hear! ” “If winter comes, can spring be far behind” etc….

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As always, there are more differences than similarities when comparing 2 poems, however, we cannot list all of them, Just the ones that stand out the most. One of the most significant differences between the two poems is that Ode to the west wind is written in iambic pentameter and is divided into 5 sections with 5 stanzas in each section, whereas Do not go gentle into that good night is divided into 4 traces and a quatrain. Also, in Ode to the west wind, the prayer towards the wind is more symbolical.

The wind is not actually listening to the speaker. The speaker is only comparing himself to the wind and its great power, “untamable and proud”. In addition, the speaker is happy to die. He wants to be uplifted by the wind since he feels like everything he Sass is being oppressed by the world. He begs the wind to lift directly addresses his father, who can actually hear him and prays for him to live, and the speaker doesn’t want his father to die. He tries to motivate his father to fight on for life.

Correspondingly, there is a lot more description and in Ode to the west mind since the speaker is comparing himself with a “dead leaf” and begs the wind to uplift him in order for the world to hear is words and for him to spread his knowledge. In Do not go gentle into that good night the speaker is addressing his dying father so there isn’t as much description involved. To conclude, there are obviously more differences between the two poems, however, only the main ones are listed. As for the similarities, there are quite a few. Some characteristics make the poems seem very much alike whereas others make them seem totally different.