Computed Axial Tomography

Computed Axial Tomography or CAT scan. If this technology was not invented at all, there could have been many cases of uncured people with tumor, cancer and other diseases. Primarily, CAT scans are used to get a complete geneal picture of the internal organs of a patient. Because of such capability, it can readily identify certain abnormalities in each of the vital organs of a person, limiting the chance for the disease or the condition to worsen. The pictures sent to a computer monitor are interpreted by using a thermal scanning procedure.

This can clearly cut through the different angular images in any parts of a human body without any other invasive procedures. 2. LASIK eye surgery or Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis (Wikipedia, 2007). This technological breaktrough in correcting myopia and astigmatism has lead to a continuous improvement of vision among patients with such conditions. Without the introdcution of this technology, there would have been many cases of incidental difficulty of vision among people. The lifetyles of people with such medical conditions could have been sacrificed due to their limitation in performing their daily tasks.

3. Heart Bypass Surgery. The process involves the creation of a bridge connection for arteries that were previously blocked by plaque substances or blood clot. Because of such technology, people with coronoray heart failure can once again live a normal life without the need to undergo a heart transplant. There could have been more cases of deaths due to heart failure if this surgical technology was not discovered. References Wikipedia. 2007. Lasik. Wikipedia-The Free Encyclopedia. Retrievd November 29, 2007 from http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/LASIK.