Computer Apps Chapter Review Questions

To open the computer window, you select Computer on the start menu Start menu. T 2. When you turn on your computer, you have to click the office start button to start the computer. F 3. Click the restore down button to minimize a window, but you still keep it in memory. T 4. When you select hibernate, Windows automatically saves your documents the powers down. T 5. If you delete a file by accident, you can restore the file even if you have emptied the recycle bin.

F Multiple Choice 1. The is the main screen you see after you turn on the computer. A A. Desktop C. Process tab B. Task manager D. Recycle bin 2. Existing organized in a specific criterion. B A. Searching B. Sorting D. Tiling 3. You can drag gadgets from the Gadgets window to the Creates a list of C. Exploring . A A. Windows sidebar B. Desktop C. Word-processing document D. A and B 4. The windows sidebar can contain which of the following gadgets? D A. Clock C. Temperature B.

CPU meter D. All of the above 5. Files are essential files necessary for running windows. C A. Database C. Application B. System Fill in the Blank D. Data 1. The recycling bin is used to discard unnecessary files. 2. The window in which you are working is called the active window. 3. Windows vista is available in four different versions. 4. A word-processing is an example of an application program. 5. An icon is an item that represents a link to the item, rather than the item itself.