Conceit in Validiction Forbidding Mourning and Atlas

Compare and contrast the use of conceit in the two poems “A Valediction forbidding mourning” and “Atlas” both effectively include the use of conceit in their exploration of love. They discuss love from different angles, portraying different views of the role that love plays in life. 0 Although the poems have very different structures, similarly both poets choose to use unexpected objects as the subjects of their metaphors. John Done explains the love between him and his partner through the image of a compass.

This effective use of conceit explains that Just like the legs of a compass hey are connected, “As stiff twin compasses are two… ” Done compares himself to the fixed point of the compass; always there for the one he loves wherever she wanders. This implies his love is firm and set in stone. In comparison Panther implies in “Atlas” that the love in her relationship is fixed, “The permanently rickety elaborate structures of living… ” As they go through the problems that arise in everyday life. Done refers to “gold” which can connote to its alchemical symbol, a circle with a point in the center.

He is therefore explaining she is the center of his world. In contrast Panther uses the mythical character of Atlas, who holds up the world to similarly express how her partner holds up her world. Donna’s reference to “gold” is also contrasting to the objects that Panther mentions in “Atlas. ” Gold is very precious, Just like Donna’s love whereas Panther includes much less valuable objects such as the “WE’D. ” “Atlas” does not romanticizes love in the way Done does but in contrast portrays its presence in a much more mundane and practical sense, … Maintenance is the sensible side of love… ” “A Valediction forbidding mourning” conveys the indescribable and abstract feeling of love. Done uses inspiration from the metaphysical school of thought. Comparable to this is the supernatural sense Pantheon depicts through the metaphorical use of “Atlas. ” Done also touches on the idea of love being supernatural as he mentions discoveries about the universe and “trepidation of the spheres. ” (Once again circular imagery) He also says their love is like no other, “But we by a love, so much retired.

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Both poets use conceit to depict their complex and personal views on love. Done includes the use of conceit from nature and science while explaining his love is connected by the mind, “inter-assured on the mind… ” In contrast Panther portrays love in a more everyday sense and although she does not romanticizes it she implies its strength through the way they support one another. The poems are comparable in some ways such as the force and strength of love but contrast in the effects they origin Gee