Conclusions and Recommendations

This chapter shows the researchers’ conclusion and recommendations in the study of making cooking oil from morning seeds. Conclusions After the data have been collected, analyzed and interpreted, the researchers therefore conclude that: 1 . There is a significant difference between the morning oil and the commercial Oil in terms of quality. This proved that morning seed is effective as an alternative in producing quality cooking Oil. 2. Set-up A which is morning Oil yielded a higher mean based on the evaluation done by randomly selected people than Set-up B which is immemorial oil.

This further made the researchers conclude that our product is better than the commercial one. Recommendations To further improve and enrich our project, we recommend the following: 1 . Gather as many seeds as you can to extract a larger amount of vegetable oil. 2. Dry the seeds to yield better quality oil. 3. The making of the paper was made with the use of a Soulless Extractor and a Rotary Evaporator; therefore future researchers must follow carefully the right procedures. Abstract The purpose of this study is to determine if there is a significant difference between our product and the commercial one.

This research is aimed to provide healthier organic oil made from Malagasy. Our study is to solve problems concerning low quality oils. The researchers conducted two set- ups which are morning oil and cooking oil. Seeds were gathered at Racial and Autograph. The equipments needed are provided on the science laboratory of our university. The procedure includes extracting the oil through solvent extraction with the use of a Soulless extractor and separating the solvent and the oil by using a Rotary evaporator. To test the purity of the oil, we used a flame test and it showed that the solvent is completely separated from the oil.

In each set-up, three replicates were provided. To see if there is a significant difference between the two set-ups, the researchers cooked hotdogs using the two vegetable Oils separately. We floated questionnaires to 100 respondents. Based on the results of the data collected, we therefore conclude that morning oil is better than the commercial oil.