Marketing is an essential feature of any business, whether it is small or big . An the absence of an effective marketing strategy, it is impossible for any business to survive. Not only this ,there is every possibility that it can be ruined . Len the given case study, Convict has adopted that marketing strategy which is quite effectual and value – providing . The marketing strategies that Convict has put in practice is a mix of various types of strategies. The first resource of marketing that Convict has used is internet . TTS website is playing an essential role in the business . Through this site , he people are able to get information about the available tours and trips ,newsletters ,FAQ ,videos etc . Then its bulletin board , Contradicted is popular among people as they can share their travel related issues and get a chance to discuss them . Besides this, Convict also help the travelers to come into contact with each other before and after the trips . The other way is social media .

As given in case study is only through social media that Convict is able to create a consequential relation between itself and customers . Various methods are put in practice to achieve these goals . En of them is by telling stories so that hold the interest of customers . Then these stories are told through travel videos that are shown on website and social networking sites like Backbone and you tube . Convict encourages the customers to share their travel experiences with other people by posting photos and telling their stories of travel .

As provided information in case study says that the another method used in marketing is to held the competitions so that customers can upload more and more videos on You tube ;which in return is helpful in revealing the brand to the large number of You tube viewers . The next one is experiential marketing . According to the case study ,Convict assures its target market to have an extraordinary experience during the Journey . T also convinces them to discover the different cultures of the world ,interact with people of various nationalities and backgrounds and in turn go through the reminiscences that will cast a long lasting effect on their lives As given in the Convict case study ,the next method used for marketing is innovative marketing . So following this method ,Convict sends various promotion methods to its past customers .