Cost of Goods

In the same time we can see that its Cost of Goods Sold is 28% higher than 2008, for this reason there gross profit is increased only 15%. It is not a good sign for a company. Bills sale is increased only 21% but its operating expenses is increased 29%. So we can say that its management is not so efficient. For the high increase rate of Cost of Goods Sold and Operating Expenses Bills net profit is increased only 15% than the year of 2008. The 15% increase of net profit is very good, but when we consider other variables it is nit so good at all. Now we move to the balance sheet of PL. Here we can see that its Non-current

Asset is increased 09% than 2008. It is a good sign for PL. Its Current asset is increased 142%. Under this Current Asset Bills cash is increases It has a huge amount of liquidity, but it can not make a proper use of its current asset. So it can face a big problem in future. So it should try to properly use its cash and other current assets. The total share holders’ equity of PL is increased at 04%. We can say that it is in a stable position. So it is a good sign for this company. In Bills balance sheet we see that its non-current liabilities are increased 278% and it is really a huge amount.

The 5% dividend on preference share is increased 100%. And deferred tax liability is increased 659%. These liabilities are not so good for this company. The total current liability is decreased at 12% than 2008. Here PL can able to pay their creditors. And it is a very good sign for this company. The director of this company Mr… Magnum Hosannas thinks that they can able to increase export in next year and overcome their all fault. After analyzing the whole annual report of PL we can say that it has a good position in market and this company has a good future. So an investor is benefited if he or she buys the share of this company.