Counterculture 2 Benson Final

Frank Miller
Batman: The Dark Knight 1986
Brought in by DC Comics after impressive work with Marvel and resurrecting Daredevil, a powerless, somewhat boring character much like Batman
All Batman cinema and literature post Frank Miller uses the stronger, more violent, hedonistic Batman that he created

Exotic dancer from bladerunner
Snake and shiny buttons lady
Gets shot in the back by deckard, first replicant to be retired
Deckard kills her in a very unheroic way
running away
in the back

Douglas Rushkoff
Cyberpunk dude, pretty much started that “era”, wrote Cyberia

Bruce Wayne
Parents died, became batman to help gotham
Batman = vigilante

Friend of Roy batty
Lower emotional sophistication than other Nexus 6 replicants, kills blade runner in opening seen during Voight Kampff test
Almost kills Deckard after killing Zhora, instead killed by Rachael

Terence McKenna
Cyberpunk guru
Only in favor of natural psychedelics (plants)
Believes that higher consciousness arose out of early humans contact with psychedelics
Psychedelics should be legalized only for scientific study/exploration

Jim Gordon
Only good cop in gotham ? Commissioner

Veteran blade runner
Subtle observations about Deckard
Origami figures
Origami unicorn at end referred to Deckard’s dream of a unicorn, possibly insinuates deckards dreams/memories are implanted and therefore he’s a replicant

Main character in blade runner, he is a blade runner to “retire” replicants
Hard boiled detective, introverted
Ambiguous whether or not he’s human or Replicant

Harvey Dent
DA of Gotham, gets face burned off and becomes two face

J.F. Sebastian
electronics guy/genetic engineer from the tyrell corp (bladerunner)
had health issue so he couldn’t go to the off world
dies after founder of tyrell corp has his eyes gouged

Next generation of Nexus Replicants
Has implanted memories, therefore leading to more compassion, seems more human (took 100+ questions in Voight kampff test to determine she was a replicant)
at the beginning, she thinks she is human
Saves Deckard, they have an very odd romance/relationship

Some crazy mother ****er
Nemesis to Batman
Wants chaos solely for the fun of it
Most notably played by Jack Nicholson and Heath ledger

William Burroughs
Hard Boiled fiction writer
Wrote Junky in 1953 and Naked Lunch in 1959
He incorporated unusual characters in these stories
They were very violent and sexual
The sleuth was on the the other side of the law (cool guy was bad)

Roy Batty
possibly the evil “leader/bad guy” in blade runner
kills tyrell after he won’t give replicants more life
dies at the end from running out of time
Shows compassion, raises question whether or not he and other replicants should Be considered human beings

William Gibson
Noir prophet
Wrote neuromancer (1984)
People thought he based this off of blade runner
Coined the term “cyberspace”
The Matrix series influenced heavily by the idea of cyberspace

pleasure bot from bladerunner
good at gymnastics
dies by deckard in sebastian’s house , pretended to be a mannequin
Relationship with Roy Batty

The Hacker ethos
Get in
Look around
Leave no traces of your presence

The relationship between cyberians and psychedelics (i.e. the 60s)
People like Leary and McKenna were fascinated with the idea of another “dimension” that computers created
Gaia Theory – Greek mythology, earth mother. Earth is one living organism, people are cancer, natural disasters are like white blood cells

Raves — the rave scene and its history
A lot like the acid tests- drugs, light shows, trippy music
People on drugs
Glow sticks
Strobe lights
Laser lights
Loud bass/electronic music
Smart drugs
Souped up vitamin drinks that rehydrated you and gave you more energy
were shakes / smoothies sold at raves, now they aren’t are are energy drinks
Made your brain think quicker and more efficiently
Red Bull came out of raves
Redline “flatline”
Will kill you (unless you’re morgan and chug one during class)

Cyberpunk literature and film – themes, environment, history, etc. (see handout)
future time, dystopia, dirty, obvious rich and poor gap, dark themes, etc

-Hard Boiled Detective fiction & Film Noir (literally just read the handout and notes)

An imperfect, flawed society
Chaotic, crowded, crime ridden urban environment
Where Cyberpunk literature was set

The changing perception of Batman (see PowerPoint)
Comedic / Funny -> Serious (Frank Miller) -> back to comedic after the chris. nolan movies

Anime/Manga (see PowerPoint)
magna- Japanese graphic novels geared towards adults
Anime- television based off magna
Astro boy- first anime
Akira- first cyberpunk anime
Frank miller used this Japanese culture in Wolverine, Daredevil, and Ronin

-Batman and Blade Runner as examples of Cyberpunk fiction/cinema and as examples of
the Hard Boiled story and Film Noir