Creative Spark Talk Analysis

Then Ken talks about creativity children verses Professors. Professors live in their heads only using their bodies as vehicles to get their heads to the next meeting. Children on the other hand view themselves as a whole, body and mind connected. Ken presented his talk in a way which enabled his audience to hear his point of view by injecting Cree Such humor. The one I enjoyed most is the story of the little girl in the bi classroom who is in a drawing lesson. The teacher asks the little girl picture she was going to draw. The little girl replied God!

The teach her, “no one knows what God looks like”. And the little girl states, “T just a minute”. To me personally, when I think of creativity, that is c its highest form perfect and innocent. Stages of Creativity Habit of searching for challenges – Ken being a Professor in educate taken on a big challenge. In identifying that the education system n adjusted to educate the whole person and not just the brain is a woo concept. In medicine treating a person diagnosed with cancer is tree whole not just the cancer. Expressing the problem or issue – Ken gal. on TED he has expressed the problem.

Investing in the problem or Ken has invested his time and has written books on this subject. Imagination and Curiosity Ken would have to have been curios about creativity in people. Unit probably noticed after he had children of his own and how creative were, verses the university students he was teaching. In teaching h. Occasion to work with many age groups from elementary thru uneven students. This experience probably added to the curiosity and now advocate for the education of the whole person not just the brain.

Benefit Society In many ways what Ken talked about made sense on many levels. Children a more rounded education or balanced education is a won idea. I think that society would benefit from learning how to appear that wonderful art history has given us. We would also benefit from music, and dance it sure would be a tragedy if we lose all the classic will often hear people say that the people that live in the United Sat highly educated. That may be a true statement, but most people the educated in my opinion are not very intellectual.

Ken may have me a really good idea and it would benefit society, if his plan is ever ball put into action. Conclusion In closing we have not made any major changes in the format on HCI educate our children since the industrial revolution. Yes, we have TTT different types of schools, private, public, and magnet but the form we teach is still the same.