Creativity creativity in school, it is something they

Creativity is a thing that schools and people argue about every day. People think it is necessary for us to create a class based off of creativity and some teachers find this true too. Personally, I think that classes shouldn’t be based on students creativity.One reason I find building classes on creativity is that children learn by understanding what’s right and what is wrong. For example, when children hang out with friends they like to play cops and robbers and shoot at each other if schools allowed students to base classes off of creativity I believe that it would be very inappropriate and maybe very disturbing and dangerous. Although it may be good for some classes like History to help them create their own personal thoughts about what might have happened it shouldn’t be allowed. 40 percent of people who argue this believe that it isn’t a good idea because you aren’t able to teach creativity in school, it is something they create themselves based on their attributes as a person. Due to the fact that it isn’t able to be taught at schools just shows us why would we want it? It makes no sense if we were to base our classes off of creativity it would be impossible to teach that class because everybody’s creativity is different than someone else’s. “Creativity should be encouraged, not limited. In the real world, being creative is something we must do, so why not encourage it at a young age? Schools should offer more classes involving the arts and ensure that the student is in the courses that they want to take, such as art or music.” Students find their opinions better than others sometimes so if you were to teach every single kid about creativity and have them learn the same thing this world wouldn’t be different at all. Creativity is important to everyone so I could understand why others would want creativity to be taught through other classes. Showing them different examples of creativity throughout the world can help then truly understand why it might make a difference to them, it might even help show students what their personality is and why it is that way. Another example of schools not being allowed to teach creativity is that many people find that school is there to teach you the important information and facts in our past and to make all of us smarter people but how are we supposed to do that if we are busy wasting our time teaching students about their creativity which they are able to notice by themselves by monitoring what they like to do and what they like. “Creativity is, of course, important in today. However, it should be based on the fact. What is more important is to growing criticism about the issues of society, world, economy, etc. Therefore, more important is to teach facts to students and if necessary, setting up a special school that teaches and makes students creative is better.” Although it isn’t that good of an idea to have classes based on creativity and was a bad idea by the school board I can understand from another aspect where and when might they teach this or when they might have the time to teach this topic especially when they are there to learn about other things. The definition of creative education is when students are encouraged to problem solve when faced with a challenge and can be used in all subjects. Instead of being taught to reiterate what was learned, students learn to develop their ability to find various solutions to a problem. This helps me understand the aspects where the school board is coming from and why they wanted to add creativity to classes. I learned that when they did this they had the students do assignments on their own and turned them in to see what they got done and how they did the problems. Math is a good example of creativity in classes because there are many ways to solve a math problem and when the teacher grades it, they want to see if you got the answer right and how you managed to get that answer to help them get a better understanding of how your brain functions and what’s the easiest way for that particular student to learn.     In conclusion, although I disagreed with the school board for allowing creativity to help create classes I learned that it is also very useful as the teachers can find better ways to teach and understand what’s easiest for the students.