Crime Data Comparison Paper

These crimes include criminal code offences against a person or property, drug offences and motor vehicle offences. By reporting crimes committed to you or someone else can help to keep yourself, your loved ones and the community safe.

When sharing information about a crime that has or may be committed, it helps the police solve crimes and helps to prevent future crimes room taking place. Over the last years, different areas of the United States have been affected by crime. The Federal Bureau of Investigation Uniform Crime Report (CIRRI) is the most comprehensive analysis program of violent crime and property crime in the nation. (“Crime Statistics”, n. D. ). According to “crime statistics” (n. D. “The annual publication compiles volume and rate of crime offenses for the nation, the states, and many cities and counties. ” This is useful for finding the rates of incidents, and to help determine what factors might explain the preferences when comparing different areas, and how their rates have changed overtime. This paper will discuss the different crime rates in New York, New York and Newark, New Jersey. According to Wisped (n. D New York is, by far the largest gateway for legal immigration to the United States n.

I have lived in New York all my life and I have encountered many different walks of life. New York has a total population of 1 and New jersey has a total of 8,791 ,894 they both are made up of people of all race. In 2014 New York had a murder rate of 41 compared to New Jersey who had a murder rate of 13. Comparing these two trampoline cities against one another both cities have crime problems but New York has the highest. In 2014 New York recorded 157 rapes and New Jersey 3.

The increase in number of rapes in New York is double the numbers of New Jersey. New York has recorded 2, 169 robberies, while New Jersey had 239. The recorded totals of assault for New York were 2,328 while New Jersey had 124. New Jersey listed burglary at 275, and Motor Theft at 789. New York had a burglary rate of 2, 149 and 5,064 for Larceny. It’s clear to see that New York has reported more crimes than New Jersey. As of 5 the crime rate for New York has decreased by -11. 1% and In New Jersey the crime rate has diminished to -12% from what they were.

The decrease and change in the crime rates Of these two metropolitan areas has to do with the law enforcement and the community. The increase in number of officers in the streets and their pro-activeness has helped to cause the decline in crimes. One way it’s more proactive, is surveillance. It’s simply getting harder to commit crimes when there are cameras everywhere. Also the community has helped this crime rate change because they are reporting crimes that lead to these officers taken these criminals off the streets.

Communities working together to get the criminals off their block and out of their area helps to lower crime. It turns out that increased incarceration had a more limited effect on crime and that this growth in incarceration was part responsible for the drop of crime as well. The more criminals are put in jail, the fewer are on the streets to commit crimes. To help reduce the crimes rates in the area people can get involved in programs that are run by the police. These programs have been started in different countries all over the world.

Law enforcement have been working with community groups for ears to develop programs that keep young adults engaged, and helps provide outlets so that they don’t go out getting into trouble.. Being involved in what is happening around us and communicating with your neighbors and the police can keep you or anyone else safe.