Crooks’ monologue

>Demoralized, belittled, and stripped down, bare to their skin. And yet these so called “first class” beings have the audacity to call themselves humans? Ftp. Tell me, what part often is humane? Is it selling another for the sole purpose of income and popularity? Truly, ignorance is a bliss as they have failed to realism that what they/ re getting in return IS not the money, nor the women, or the reputation but the hatred that’s building up, inside every colored man and the words kept unspoken at the back of their throat.

We are covered with layers over layers of skin; an armor to protect one’s soul, from the venom of society. Every day, we walk through a tightrope with the hopes of maybe one day, we’ll reach an end where we can walk, hand in hand, with everyone else. If a tree falls in a forest, and no one’s around to hear it, does it make a sound? Of course, it does. But even if there are people there to witness, does it really make a difference? With those robotic eyes that’s chosen to turn a blind eye despite the cries of the “creatures” they have discarded. I’m tired.

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My heart is screaming from the frustration of not being able to fight back. I’m sick of having to keep on breathing the same air as these ruthless beings who sees me as nothing but trash. I’d rather be dead. Isn’t this hell already? What have we done to end up in this pit; this pit of pain and suffering? We have been living like animals. No, even animals are treated better than we are. Maybe, should’ve been born as a horse. At least then, I’d be looked after and cared for. At least I’d have someone, a fellow horse, who wouldn’t care what color of skin I have.

I’m a Niger – yes, I am a Niger. Are we not humans? Why does it matter if I’m black? Don’t I bleed the same color? Is it really that hard to look pass my outer appearance and see that I have the same beating heart. I, too, am longing for a companion; for someone to laugh around with; for someone to share the secrets, the worries and the tales of my past with. Know it’s impossible. And I don’t want to give myself hope. Because, I’ll always be left alone in the dark. It is where I belong. It is my color.