Current Issues in Community Health

Many times, the most dangerous things are the ones about which we feel the safest. This is because it’s very easy to be taken by surprise when you let your guard down completely. This can be especially true in matters that effect community health. For instance, in a recent article on MSNBC. com, there is a discussion about a truly alarming public health threat that most people probably haven’t ever even really considered . This is, namely, the problem of doctors and other health professionals who don’t wash their hands.

The MSNBC article, which was written by JoNel Aleccia, elaborates on why this is such a troubling issue. A doctor whom she interviewed said that most patients “would be surprised” if they were to learn how often doctors forget to wash their hands. Obviously, this brings up alarming questions of whether this could cause the spread of infectious diseases. Professionals and experts say that it definitely can, and that it is one of the most egregious issues in contemporary medicine.

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There is also a great deal of concern, as well, that this lack of proper hygiene will continue to become more and more dangerous in the future. As antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria become more commonplace, the spread of infectious disease will be even more dangerous than it is today, when the bacterial infections are usually relatively easy to treat with a simple course of medicine. Therefore, the issue of proper sanitization and hygiene will continue to be extremely important to ensure good health for the community as a whole.