Customer service

It is highly needed and is now being used by many institutions like schools, business enterprises, hospitals, government and non-governmental institutions. However, not all of them are using computers. Some still tend to use the traditional or manual system. Nowadays, internet is one of most essential parts of modern life. Not only will it provide connection between computers, but it will also give us information that is easy and quick to access. A lot of information is within reach because of the internet, thus, serving us a lot of purposes including health, governmental, communication and business purposes.

Businesses are more productive when online system is being used. The web-based automation, billing reservation, and other transactions, reduces operational cost since only few number of employees are needed to run the system. Also, web based system is available anytime, in any places, and can be easily accessed or viewed by the expected customers, thus, increasing the number of reservations in a resort. There are a lot of resorts existing as of today’s generation. One of which is the RAJA Bearish Beach Resort that offers not only a pool and a beach but also rooms for overnight stays.

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The present RAJA Bearish Beach resort has begun in 2003, when the owner, Ruben J. Bearish, bought a house and lot (property rights) from Mr.. Patronize De Castro and Mrs.. Anita Kananga. A year later, 2004, the construction begun of the first two-storey three bedrooms residential house was begun, with a purpose of a family summer vacation beach resort. Two years later, 2006, another ;o-storey building was constructed to accommodate some relatives and friends during summertime. The family resort then has the nip cottages.

Then by 201 0, they construct a concrete cottages and the resort started operating with its rooms for rent. As years passed on, there were suggestions of adding swimming pool for the resort centralization. Reason they say, is that the quality resorts have swimming pools in them. By June of 2013, they acquired a lot owned by Mr.. Boniface Berried and Mr.. Bollard Mendoza beside the resort. The new acquired land opened the opportunity to construct a swimming pool for centralization. And the resort finished last March this year, and a new RAJA Bearish Beach Resort was born.

We’ve asked the manager of the said resort whether they already have an online billing and reservation system and the manager said they don’t have any yet. She said that since the resort is new, they still haven’t managed to produce such system, considering they’re into renovations right now. They keep their client’s records manually, which we think is hassle because it is very time consuming and errors will be inevitable. Moreover, they still use the traditional system in providing customer services like booking for the rooms and compute billings, wherein the customers must go to the resort and talk personally to the staff to book for a room.

This type of process is best for walk-in customers, but we think that it will be more convenient for them if the process will also be of assistance to clients that are not always available to go to the resort. Online reservation and billing system will help them get more customers since contacting them will be within reach and interested clients will have a privilege to look and choose the room that they want by just visiting the website.

For this project, the researchers would like to propose a reservation and billing system to Raja Bearish Beach Resort to help its management have a better transaction by providing a better report-generating system that will provide more accurate summaries and help the owner to view the status of he resort for his convenience. It will also provide a user-friendly interface wherein customers can view the resort and can easily book a room online, lessening the hassle of their reservation. This system will provide convenience for both the employees and customers. 1. Purpose General: To develop an Online Reservation and Billing system for RAJA Bearish Beach Resort. Specific: To gather the needed information about RAJA Bearish Beach Resort by conducting interviews and familiarizing with the existing system. To observe and examine the problem of the manual reservation and billing system of the sort and to be able to make possible solutions through applying concepts and theories present in the IT industry. To be able to design an appropriate system for the resort using representations and Data Flow Diagrams. To train users of the proposed system.

RAJA Bearish Beach Resort Significance of The Study Main beneficiary of the proposed system. 1. 2 Intended Audiences Cashier/Manager – the proposed system will provide a better report- generating system that will provide a more accurate and efficient summaries. Customers – the study will help the customers have an easier process of paying and reserving. Due to the proposed system customers can see offered services online before reserving. Owner – the proposed system will help the owner to view the status of the resort in their convenience anywhere even in other countries.

Proponents – the proponents can be trained while developing the documentation and the system, enhancing the skills they have gained from the lessons in school. The Future Researchers- This study can be used as a reference for other related studies and researches in the future. Mr.. Bennie Samoset – Serves as an instructor in the subject. 2. SYSTEM OVERVIEW 2. 1 Systems Objectives To provide a more accurate summaries of report with the use of the proposed system. The owner must be able to view the status and manage the resort regardless of his/her location.

The system must provide an easier process of reserving and paying for the customers. Enforce security measures to avoid unauthorized access to guest records. Avoid data entry errors by use of input masks. Ensure efficient and reliable communication within the resort. 2. 2 System Scope and Limitations 2. 2. 1 Scope The system is intended only for RAJA Bearish Beach Resort. Chat box is available for admit and user. User can chat without registration. Reservation needs registration. 2. 2. 2 Limitation The system can only be used and viewed online. Users can view the facilities of the resort through their website.

The system is not capable of online banking / money transactions. 2. 3 Benefits Tangible Benefits a) Online reservation and billing system is time efficient and reduces manpower. B) Online reservation and billing system help people who are in far places to view or inquire in the resort. C) Online reservation and billing system is cost efficient. Intangible Benefits a) Online reservation and billing system is user-friendly. ) It improves the user’s satisfaction and it supplies better information on the reservation and billings. C) It also Improves customer service and the resort mage. 2. Assumptions Failure to identify changes to draft deliverables within the time specified in the project timeline will result in project delays. Management will ensure that project team members are available as needed to complete project tasks and objectives. 3. SYSTEM ANALYSIS 3. 1 Systems Objectives process of reserving and paying for the customers. 3. 2 Business Processes 3. 2. 1 Context Diagram The Entity client will input list of inquiry going to the Existing System. The system will generate reports to the management. The management will have an output record of the reservation going back to the system.

Then the system will give official receipt to the client. 3. 2. 2 Diagram O The client will input list of inquiry and reservation details to the Process 1. 0 (Inquire). Inquiry details will be stored in the Inquiry Logbook. Answered inquiry and the filled-up form will input the Process 2. 0 (Check Availability), it will notify the client if the room is available and it will produce an output reservation details, going to the Process 3. 0 (Confirm Reservation). The infirmed reservation details together with the billing details will be input for the Final Reservation process.

The full reservation details will be stored in the reservation board. Client arrival will be the input to the Check-in process. After reservation, client will pay and will receive an official receipt. And management copy of official receipt will be store in the Official Receipt Compilation. Then, the Official Receipt Compilation together with the Record of the reservation will input to the Generate Report Process. And the generated reports will be presented to the management. 3. 2. 3 Flow Chart A customer starts a reservation by first inquiring to the office, fill up the reservation form, and then discuss the reservation details.