CVN70- 3-M

what is the 43P1?
Work center PMS manual
what is on the second page of the work center PMS manual
PMS service Brief
what is in the bottom left corner of the second page of the 43P1
List of current force revision
who validates the list of qualified personnel
what info can i find on the record of change page
1. work center supervisors signature
2. date changed
3. date entered
4. force revision
what does LOEP stand for
List of Effective pages
what is another name for the LOEP
what does the LOEP tell you
shows a list of all MIPS
what does MIP stand for
Maintenance index page
what does the MIP tell you
list all periodicity codes for specific equipment
what are some examples of different periodicity codes
A- annually
Q- quarterly
W- weekly
S- semi annually
M- monthly
R- situational or as required
D- daily
how often would we perform (A4R)
annually or as required
what does 2.5 man hours mean
two hours and thirty minutes
what is recommended rate
rate that is recommended
recommended rate is only mandatory for what three things
nec specific
safety PO
pertaining to the 13 week report how many weeks are kept in the work center
13 plus current
how many weeks are kept in the 43P1
who signs the 13 week report
maintenance person
what does the maintenance person fill out on the 13week report
date completed
tag out block (not the tag out number)
if the work was completed what does the maintenance person put in the periodicity block
if the work could not be completed what does the maintenance person put in the periodicity block
cirle and write why you couldnt complete the job in the flip page
what does ESOMS stand for
Electronic shift operations management system
who is the first person to sign the danger tag
AO- authorizing officer
who is the second person to sign the danger tag
first checker
who is the third person to sign the danger tag
second checker
who else signs the 13 week report
work center supervisor at the end of the week to acknowledge that all the maintenance has been complete
what does MRC stand for
maintenance requirement card
what can i find in the bottom right corner of the MRC
SYSCOM control number
what is the first part of the SYSCOM control nummber
date code
what is the second part of the SYSCOM control number
library code
what is the third part of the SYSCOM control number
repair parts needed
how many characters is the date code
what is the first part of the date code
what is the second part of the date code
for the months containing two digits (Oct, Nov, Dec) what are the characters that represent the months
1. A- Oct
2. B- Nov
3. C- Dec
true or false? in the tool, parts, and materials block work center sup can substitue for materials and parts
true or false? in the tools, parts, and materials block work center sup can substitute for tools and house hold consumables
what does EGL stand for
Equipment guide list
what does the EGL show me
lists all associated equipment for job
how many man hours can be reflected on the EGL
a single days work (8hours)
what is the 5100.19e
OPNAVINST for force afoat safety manual
what is chapter 1 of the 5100.19e
basic safety
what is chapter 9 of the 5100.19e
electrical safety (safety observer must be CPR qual)
what is chapter 13 of the 5100.19e
mechanical safety
what is chapter 23 of the 5100.19e
hazmat safety (must have secondary label)
what is required to be on the secondary label?
1. manufacture name
2. nomenclature
3. NSN
4. target organ (what does it affect…eyes, skin, airway, ect
what is 5100.28
hazmat users guide instruction (MSDS)
what is the 5100.6e
carl vinson’s hazmat instruction and disposal method
what is the 4790.8c
CNO 3m instruction
what is the most recent change of the 4790.8c
force revisions are made twice quarterly as opposed to four times quarterly
how many types of feed back reports are there
who administers all 3m tests onboard carl vinson
FC1 Hoskins
who is the 3-m manager onboard CVN70
who sponsors the navy’s 3-m program
what color is a danger tag
what color is a caution tag
how often is an MRC with periodicity Q-2 required to be accomplished
what best represents the main purpose of 3m
to ensure maximum equipment readiness meeting minimum specifications
what is the procedure in verifying a MRC against the work center PMS manual
check for current revisions
what does SPMIG
standard PMS material identification guide
what is the SPMIG
5 digit cross reference used to identify each tool, parts, or material listed on the MRC
what computer based system does the CVN70 use to schedule, track, and assign PMS
what sked PMS schedule shows all the maintenance requirements to be completed for the week
what sheet is signed by the maintenance person after completion of the maintenance
13 week report
who annotates on the 13 week report or back page the reason for non-accomplishment of maintenance requirement
work center supervisor
what color is a classified MRC
what are the conditions for a piece of equipment to be place in an IEM status
-inactive for corrective maintenace
-inactive for 30days or more
-stored at location off the ship
every 2nd day
every 4th month
every 8th month
what does IEM stand for
inactive equipment maintenance
what does JSN stand for
job sequencing number
what are the three parts of a Job control number
-unit identification code
-work center
-job sequencing number
out of commission label
out of calibration label
name the ship’s maintenance management system manual
opnavinst 4790.4c