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We believe in learning for success”. The college wants give supports to each and every individual to achieve their ambitions and goals. Financial targets (does the business measure success by profit, profit margins etc? ), In the recent annual report the College’s financial performance was good generating an historic cost surplus of IEEE ,OHO. This is particularly pleasing as it has been achieved in the current climate when funding has been reduced in real terms. The college has obliviously made lots of profit and college has also matted the financial target very efficiently as well.

HER targets (does the business measure success by its staff turnover, labor productivity, training, motivation, recruitment etc? ) Leister College is successful in staff turnover because the no. Of staff employed in the Leister College was 1,500 and they made a best profit of all the time last year. The college staff is punctual, self-discipline and skilled, which has beneficial for learner because they can make most out of it. The most of the courses have achieved 100% of results. A comprehensive strategy for embedding Functional Skills across all areas of the curriculum has resulted in an

Association of Colleges’ COCA Beacon Award for Leister College in November Ethical targets (does the business measure success by the way it acts, its corporate social responsibility, stakeholder perspectives etc? ) Leister College also successful in ethical targets because college organize events such as Anti-bullying week, Black history month and anti-alcohol week. College also do some programmer on days such as women’s day or mother’s day. The college organizes this events to make their stakeholders happy and keep them in touch with the college.

Environmental targets (does the business measure success in terms of low missions, sustainable resources etc? ) Leister College is also successful in meeting this sector as well because they got recycle paper bins in each and every class room. They also got recycling factory in all three campuses of the college. The college also organize events to reduce global warming effects by making people aware about it. 2. Strategic Plan think in next three years Leister College is looking to be One Of the best higher education provider in the U. K.

As we can see in their strategic plan there are very good and positive figures that Leister College has achieved. The college has achieved many awards, compliments and comments from inspections bodies such as OFFSET. I also think that Leister College is going to fulfill their strategic plan for 2012 to 201 5 because the college is quite popular in local and regional areas, as many people are coming from different religious, cast, background and ethnicity. In my opinion Leister College is one of the multi cultural college, that’s what make Leister College different from other colleges. . Identify and explain two strategic decisions made by Leister College Strategic decision/activity 1: Inter-faith week Information used to decide the event Where did the information come from? Was the source reliable? How up-to- date was it? How useful is it? What other information would have been helpful? The information used to decide this event was various while doing student surveys the college got feedback from the students to organize this event Information around College communicated with the use of the posters, flyers and banners.

It was also posted on Model homepage. Yeah it was reliable Contact details were provided for any short of queries about the event It was up to date as effective information, facts, figures and data about the event as presented within the document advertised. It was very effective as it provides College internal and external customers with awareness about different religions and cultures. Call experts from specific religion to talk to the student about their religion. Strategic decision/activity 2: Anti-bullying week How-up-to date was it?

The college has used the recent reports, news and articles on how the students are destroying their life by having alcohol. The feedback from student has also been used. The information has come from several different places such as recent surveys, leaflets and social networks. The information was reliable because everyone was getting it. They were also workshops available for the people whoever wants to know more about it and want to reduce it. The information provided was quite up to date and of good standards because they have done lots of research on it and they knows about it very well which make easy for staff to explain it.

It was very useful because now a days people gets bullied often in the college, so this event make the students aware of types of bullying and make them aware about how to make complain against that. They should organize a day to share life experienced who have quite alcohol which will also help and inspire the students. 4. Information was used to make these decisions (see Appendices attached) enter-faith week The information used to decide this event were various while doing student surveys the college got feedback from the students to organize this event.

The college has organized this event because they have found that this would be a good idea to perform an event such as this. It will be helpful and beneficial for students and staff who want to know more about it. The college also thinks by doing this event they are promoting themselves to be one of the best multi cultural education provider. The information has also come from feedback of staff. Anti-bullying week The college have used the recent reports, news and articles on how the student has also been used to organize this event.

The college has decided to this event because it will make students and staff aware of consequences of alcohol. It will also help staff and student to keep away from it or how to quit it. The college has also used recent stats from article how many student in the U. K are exploiting their career by having more than enough alcohol. This event is beneficial for college because they are supporting their students to eve health and effective life. Overall, how appropriate was this information in making specific strategic decisions identified in 2.

Above? Overall, the information was detailed and informative because many people have found more about these events; why should we celebrate it. There were many people who have never heard about these events. As one of my friend took part in that events he have told me that there were many students who actually came to the stall to know more about it and how we can participate in it. The students have also given their feedback on what do they think about these events and what is the positive hint we can take from this event.

The marketing for these events have been important factor because college people or social people have done an excellent job in it. There were number of poster and leaflets available in the whole college to let everyone know that where these events is going to take a place, time and list of activities which is going to take place. The colleges have also used Model to do marketing for this event, so everyone can know and be aware about events happening in the college. These events have given an opportunity for the students to know more about different backgrounds, beliefs and culture.

The events have also had some of the people to have a chance to save their life by giving up alcohol. The college should organize these types of events to do their social development. 02 Compare and contrast the quality of different pieces of communication and the information they are conveying, and then draw comparisons on the relative strengths and weaknesses of each piece of communication. Setting the information out in a table Communication method What does information convey? What is it trying to achieve?

Strengths Weaknesses How does this contribute to criteria for success Leaflets and Posters (written communication) This communication method conveys the information about when and where the event is going to take a place. It is trying to achieve audience’s eye. The strengths are that the information given on Poster and leaflets are easy to understand. It also catches the audience eyes. The weakness is that it is going to cost college to print them off and post them on the wall. The attractive image and information pursued people to read it.

People can also read it while they walk through leaflet or poster. Model (web-based communication) This communication method conveys that this event will take place on this ay and this time. It is trying to let people know about the event. The strength is that it is not going to cost them any money for printing it. The weaknesses are that not all people have time to look at time so the people ignore to read it. This helps the organization because it makes it easier for them to pass information from one place to other with the help Of Model.

As we can see in the table below both of the communication are totally different because leaflets and poster are written communication, while Model is web-based communication. AS we can see both sources of immunization are conveying different information, one is conveying simple and straight forward information while other is providing information in very standard language which some of the students can find difficult to read and understand. The straight for poster is that it is attractive and catches people’s eyes easily, whereas they don’t have to pay any cost at all for printing it.

The weakness for leaflets is that it is going to cost money to print it and on the other hand it may cause problems if the internet is not working or the server is down the information is not going to be passed. How effective is this piece Of communication? Overall, the information provided was very effective the reason is that they have used posters and leaflets which is one of the effective and efficient way of communication. The most of the businesses use leaflets and posters to provide information to audience.

The college has also used Model which is cheaper and don’t have to worry about the costs at all. The college was successful in that as well because each and every student of the college uses Model to do their course work which helped Leister College to pass the information. Which of these communications made the greatest contribution o the success of the business/event? I think poster and leaflet were very effective because it attracted and caught the eyes of many peoples.

The leaflets is effective because it is easy to read and the information is straight forward and simple which enable people to attract more and more people. They were leaflets available in whole college which was also of the advantage for college. The leaflet was also effective in meeting college aims and objective because college’s one of the aims is to Promote positive progression by learners at all levels. This communication help many people to know more bout the events which they can use in their own development and if the students are successful than college is going to be successful as well.