However, many were observed to be happy and excited to do the activity. Most of them were eager to start the dancing by simply following the instructions we gave them as soon as they heard it. During the dance activity, our clients seemed to have had fun while dancing even though the steps seems to be hard for them. They did their best to catch up with the dance movements and are simply enjoying the music for all of them were smiling and laughing. Some were making steps if their own and everyone will just laugh out of fun.

Knockabout poor Q:”Anon Amman pop nag natural ninny ditto as dating activity? “Madame pop. Young assay pop. ” “An managed pop nag passageway. ” Q:”Anis ninny Amman pop bang macaroon Eng Miramar pang dance activities as honoraria? ‘ “Pop! Gusto main. Massy. ” “Sashays Kim into as ward. Trumann naming young bib naming mega Assam don as Bibb kappa wall gaming gangway. ” d) Analysis of the responses given by the clients The clients showed interest in dancing, may it be because of the music or the dance itself, or only for the idea that they will be doing something new other than staying inside the ward.

They are positively happy that there is such hinge as dancing activity as if to them, it was their first time to try it. Most of them had commented that they had fun and enjoyed the activity much. By this means, the clients can appreciate things so well, even the simplest ones. This may be because inside the ward, the clients were doing nothing else than their usual Addles and were no long exposed to the outside yard wherein they might be, sometimes, became bored of it. In this case, dancing for them is an unusual activity, therefore, they easily appreciated and enjoyed it.

Before the activity, a prayer has been conducted and the clients were lined up according to their heights. The nurses made an introduction of their self and the clients were asked, too, to introduce their selves. The dance activity has 3 main parts: the warm-up or stretching exercise, teaching of the dance steps by the nurse facilitator, and the dance performance of both nurses and clients. The dance activity lasted for almost 1 hour, including the preparation, evaluation, and interactions. The clients had showed that they have enjoyed the activity and wanting for more of it.