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Davis Koskie
Art Photography I
19 January 2018

Jimmy Nelsson
Jimmy Nelsson is a british photographer who is known for pictures of tribal people.

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He was born in Sevenoaks, Kent, but grew up in Africa where he was enrolled in a boarding
school because his parents were busy with their work. When he was 16, he was diagnosed with a
condition called Alopecia totalis which is a condition that causes all the hair on the body to fall

He left the school when he was 19 and embarked on a trip, photographing his trip for a
year. When he came back his photographs had great variety and included pictures of Russian
involvement in Afghanistan. He was then hired by Shell Oil Company to make a book “Literary
Portraits in China” which he made with his wife Hora Adema. This book was put in the
children’s palace in Beijing and had a world tour. In 2009, Nelsson went on a trip around the
world photographing indigenous tribes. Places included Europe, Asia, Africa, South America,
and the South Pacific. This took him three years to complete and he eventually called his work
Before They Pass Away. The tribes he photographed were the Huli and Kalam tribes of New
Guinea , the Tsaatan of Mongolia and the Mursi people of the Omo River valley in southern
Ethiopia. Dutch billionaire, Marcel Boekhoorn, funded his trip which he later paid back.

A few years later, his book was under attack. Stephen Corry began to discredit his work
because of the indigenous people’s rights. He believed his book showed a poor representation of

the tribal people. He goes on to say that the pictures are fictionalized and the tribal people have
never actually looked like that. He also states that the pictures undermine the violence that some
tribes portrayed and how some minority tribes are now disappearing due to theft. Nelsson
defended his work in an article, admitting that he had staged the photographs, but with the
consent of the indigenous people. A tribal leader also criticized Nelsson for his comments
against his tribe. Nelsson called them headhunters, but the tribe never practiced cannibalism, and
instead commented that the Indonesian military were the real headhunters.