Dead until dark analysis

“Dead until Dark” – analysis and interpretation Introduction What do vampires have in common with 21st century ethnic minorities? In the fantasy novel “Dead until Dark” from 2001 – of which I have read chapter 1 – the author Charlene Harris deals with vampires as Just another minority group in a modern multicultural society. Vampires are discriminated against, attacked and abused – and also objects of attraction and curiosity. The chapter is thus a thrilling story with elements of horror and romance.

The story in chapter 1 revolves around he main character, Cookie Steakhouse, who is a telepathic waitress working in a bar. She has been waiting to meet a vampire and is thrilled when it happens. She comes to his rescue when he is attacked by a married couple who tried to drain his blood. The chapter offers a description of the vampire as a pleasant, attractive man, vulnerable and sensitive, whereas the married “Rat couple” are described as sly and mean people. The setting The story is situated in the fictional rural Northern Louisiana town by the name of

Bon Temps, and chapter 1 is mainly set at the local bar, Mortise’s. Bon Temps is a small multicultural society where all the different minorities reside. It could very well take place in our time, the 21st century. There are certain factors that indicate this. For example people wouldn’t get married four times back in the days, as the waitress Arlene has been. The narrator and point of view The text is narrated in first person, so it is an “l” that tells the story. This usually meaner that you only get to see things from the narrator’s point of view who in this ease is Cookie.

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But Cookie is not a typical first person narrator. She has telepathic skills, and therefore it is also possible to get an insight in other people’s minds. Characterization of the main character Cookie is a 25-year-old good-looking waitress with a wasps waistline and a substantial bosom. Despite her young age and good looks she doesn’t get out much. She is a decisive young woman, who shows great courage and determination in the situation where she saves the vampire, Bill, from the Rattraps. She takes her precautions when hey are sitting together though.

She puts silver chains around her neck, so Bill can’t harm her. Due to her telepathic skills she feels disabled, an outsider, and is considered the same. It is described how she has longed to meet a vampire and when she does in the first chapter and finds out that she is not able to read his mind, this gives her a feeling of “heaven”. She spends a lot of time trying to block out the thoughts of others, so the fact that she doesn’t have to do that when she’s with him delights her. Dead until dark analysis By Mad Emil-Hall