Dear my studying of architecture and planning in

Dear teacher,

     I’m writing this letter to tell you how interested I’m to be in your class (English-5) because you are one of the best teachers. I expect in this course to study some English language skills that can help me to improve my language level. Also, the English language is a language of science and prevalent in all of the world. One of my goals is to postgraduate study in a university in a field of real estate investment and urban project management because I like to be an active person in Swedish community and to have a good income for supporting my family.

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     The English language is the second language that I had leaned for multiple purposes; to communicate with people of multi-nationalities, to get a job with international architectural companies and to learn foreign culture and lifestyle, etc. The learning English as a second language is much exciting and challenging, and also make more experience when I have subscribed to a useful group discussion to talk about own experience and problems. After graduating from secondary school, I moved to start my studying of architecture and planning in English in university that was different from the one I came from. I knew that this would be my biggest challenge I would have to overcome.

     In my experience, one of the best ways to learn English is writing and reading loudly. When I have a problem, I talk and discuss with my friends and teacher to know the correct answer and when I know the answer I keep working on it for my experience in future.

Also, Group discussion became an excellent source to learn a lot of different ideas to express the thought.    

     However, I need to be able to understand keywords and the main points of for instance in TV shows, movies, listen to a professional speaker, music, and audiobooks, so I will get access to broader vocabulary and essential phrases and melody which makes new words much easier to learn and remember.

     Consequently, I hope to be able to speak the English language fluently as my native language.


With best regards,