Dear Pierre

Dear Pierre, My name is A from the major of tourism and hospitality management and warmly welcome you to join us at the MUSIC campus. On behalf of a MUSIC student, will briefly tell you what you will experience and point out any specific things that you need to be aware of. First of all, Thailand is a hot country, so casual clothing is recommended e. G. Tank tops, shorts and flip flops, because as you walk out of the airplane, first thing you will experience is the hot breeze.

Moreover, at the immigration checkpoint, queue for foreign passports will be super long, so prepare to wait for a little while. Then after you have got your luggage and ready to leave the airport, the easiest way to travel is through taxi. Fortunately, there will be taxi companies that can service you and most of them can speak in English. However, be aware of unfair taxis, as some Of them will charge higher price if you are a foreigner, so find taxi that will charge you by the meter.

In Thailand, people do not usually elk, as the weather here is super hot, cars are everywhere, and some places are far from each other. Therefore, for transportation, would recommend you to use taxi, BETS sky train, tuck (a motorcycle with a cabin attached to the rear), or motorcycle. Taxi is very useful but as I have written on the above that foreigners often get charge higher and also the traffic in Thailand is horrible, you can get stuck on the car for more than 2 hours. Most places e. G. Department stores can be access by BETS, would suggest you buy BETS card for tourists.