Death Of A Salesman

As Wily, a salesman, struggled with his past mistakes. Wily had taken pride in himself, but when he industry changed, he didn’t want to change with it. He started his career during the roaring’ twenties, when salesman had a better chance to be successful than in the thirties or forties. Wily had hoped that his “success” would be passed down to his sons, but he was always disappointed in them. “Biff Loan is lost. In the greatest country in the world annoying man with such -? personal attractiveness, gets lost. And such a hard worker.

There’s one thing about Biff -? he’s not lazy. ” If the past is so hard to accept, then why would people want to relive it? Wily couldn’t accept that he had cheated on Linda, and that he had somehow ailed in raising his sons that he relied on his memories of his brother, and his imagination to keep him sane, or so he thought. Throughout the book we realize that Wily is not the Loan family member that is stuck in the past, his wife, Linda had a submissive way about how she would let the men of the family talk to her.

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Every time that Wily would yell at Linda to stop talking, she would be calm and ask him to calm down which would enrage him more. “l don’t like you yelling at her all the time, and I’m television, that’s all. ” Linda had her mind set in the past as well, because she would mend her dockings, even though she didn’t have to. She would also give Wily compliments no matter how he treated her, and she would disregard her sons’ opinions about their father’s condition, while she thought that something as simple as Biff making up with his father would make Wily better.

Biff was in a healthy state of mind before he moved back home temporarily. Being with his family had made him think that because he had a job with Oliver in the past that Oliver would lend him money to start his own business with Happy, and they pay him back. Biff never planned for Oliver not remembering him. Finally, about five o’clock, he comes out. Didn’t remember who I was or anything. Felt like such an idiot, Hap. ” Biff thought that if he was well-liked, he would get what he wanted too. The whole Loan family had set their entire lives on people liking them.

They always cared about what other people thought, and they had no respect for others that they had thought were less liked than them. Wily had many chances to have a well-paying job, and he refused Charlie because he was less-liked than him. Charlie was a good friend and Wily only repaid him by insulting him, and his business. Charlie stayed his friend even though he was liking to himself, and calling him a cheat. Charlie knew somehow that Wily only wanted to be accepted for who he was. “l am known, Ben, and he’ll see it with his eyes once and for all. He’ll see what I am, Ben!

He’s in for a shock, that boy! ” The main theme for the play is the ‘American Dream’ when Wily made a salesman of himself, and was most successful. Wily only seemed to focus on his career during the time that he believed heavily in the American dream. Also, Wily had believed the lies of society so much that he had almost ruined everything about his family for the thought of making it big, even when he as barely making money. The next theme is abandonment Wily abandons his children and wife to be a salesman, but when Biff had a tough day, he caught his father cheating on his mother.

Biff wanted to protect his mother from then on. Wily had thought that Biff hated him because of what Biff saw, but in reality Biff just didn’t like the way Wily treated Linda. Wily hinted this throughout most of the book until it was revealed in the end. Wily could not come to terms with his mistake with that woman from the time Biff had seen him. Being the readers, how do we know that he is sorry, and not just sorry for getting caught? Well, you have to feel sorry for Wily to an extent, yes, he did cause this pain to himself, but he did not know how to control his stress during hard situations.

Wily couldn’t control the memories of his past, and they merged into his present situations. Wily could not seem to deal with his brother Ben’s death. Ben died a month before he had, and he was in Wily/s head as much as Biff was, Wily just wanted to make Biff proud of him, but seemed to push him away with the attempts. Ben had seen Wily once before when Wily was still starting in his career, and family. Wily admired Ben to an unhealthy extent, where he marred his success with Ben’s and his son’s as well.

Wily had a hard time with letting go of the past and focusing on the present, but he seemed to be content with staying in the past, and trying to be well- liked. Wily had many life-lessons that he chose to throw away. Many of Will’s friends had tried to help him when he needed money the most, but he never truly thanked them. Wily was a proud man that cared more about what people thought about him than supporting his family. Wily tried to change his past many times, but didn’t realize that in order to change your past, you have to live the present and try to make the future better.