Dehumanization in children of men

Killing comes easily, because soldiers are arced to forget about the rules Of murder to survive. The rules that say murder is wrong are no longer prevalent to the soldiers who are euthanized by the government to become killing machines. Demutualization makes it possible to euthanize other individuals. In Genocide, groups of people are known as inferior race in the majorities’ eyes. Those individuals are often slaves for the ultimate race. The inferior races are killed so that the world will be a stronger, more intelligent place to live.

What separates humans from animals is the ability to recollect the past to change the present and future for the better. The history of warfare has changed so much because it wasn’t effective enough for success. The process of dehumidifying individuals has “side effects”, leading to an increase in violence, violations of human rights, war crimes and genocide, which further impact humans by devolving them back into an annalistic state that puts blinders on to cover up the fixable errors people are making if the errors were thought about in a more civilized fashion.

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Violence, in any setting, increases when one needs to fight for resources to survive. This can be seen in the demutualization of inmates in prisons. Prisons strip inmates of everything hey were as humans and automatically give them an inferior roll. That inferior roll gives the inmates an anonymous status within the community by taking names the inmates identified with, and replacing them with prison numbers and taking their identity by putting them in identical, degrading outfits as a status symbol.

This loss of power to the fugues in Children of Men, which are shown locked together in refugee camps having no real knowledge of a true identity. Being called a “gorilla” is a label given by inmates to fellow inmates who use their brute strength and violence as a means to attain resources. This, in a literal sense represents how both gorillas in the wild and prison inmates will go after the weak to achieve what they need to maintain a role of dominance. There is no reasoning in the animal kingdom, it is survival Of the fittest which is also seen in the practices these prison “gorillas” perform.

There is no concept of reasoning or talking to come to a mutual agreement when it comes to attaining these goals. This is causing part of the devolving that is happening to humans. Reasoning involves communication, a key element in civilization. By avoiding reasoning, humans are essentially voiding proper verbal communication. Without the ability to clearly communicate one’s thoughts and concepts, ideas cannot be shared. One of the key components to civilized life will be lost. Verbal communication is one way in which people set rules.

In the movie, Children of Men, people have clearly lost a degree of this verbal communication to establish and enforce universal rules. Britain is the only country that does not have a written constitution. People depended on word of mouth to keep order. The lack of ability to clearly communicate sets the year fictional year 2027 into an anarchical state. Groups such as the dominant Fishes make the rules and no one challenges the authority. This is similar to the animal kingdom in which there are no set rules, yet there is hierarchy through dominance, as seen in the alpha in wolf packs, or the king in a pride of lions.

When there is a system of hierarchy in a situation, there is some level of fear that the higher authority imposes upon any individual with lesser power. The fear that individuals have toward higher power makes it easier for the higher power to manipulate the individual’s basic human rights. Examples of the loss of human rights can be men in the prison system of the sass’s where inmates were used to test isotopes, or how disabled patients in psychiatric wards were being tested or used as experiments. The administrators of the experiment are subjecting the patients to cruel and unusual punishment.

By doing this the basic human rights of the patient are taken away. Demutualization happens when individuals feel that another individual is not capable of having say in decisions that immediately affect that individual physically or mentally. Said demutualization goes a step further when analyzing the actions taking place in these prisons and mental wards. There is a direct comparison to the prisons and wards to a lab that tests on animals. Animals cannot give consent to scientists about being tested in ways that will cause writhing pain, permanent physical and mental problems or any other unimaginable outcome.

Scientists test monkeys, rabbits and mice because animals do not have the same rights that humans do. The animal is already euthanized, viewed strictly as a test subject, given an experiment number and looked at as one part of a whole, just as inmates and patients are. Through the process of taking away one’s freedoms and rights by testing without consent, it can be aid then, that these administrators of the tests and experiments view human experiment subjects as nothing more than another rabbit, monkey or rat.

Experiment administrators know there will be a small group of individuals who would oppose this immoral behavior, in the same way a handful of people are animal rights activists. As a majority though, prisoners and psychiatric ward patients are euthanized through the process Of “tethering” because these individuals who have committed crimes or have a mental illness or disability are not considered equal to the white collar worker with a successful job and productive role in society.

In Children of Men, the fugues’ most basic of human rights were taken away when they were locked into cages, like animals, with no ability to say that as humans with rights, these fugues did not deserve to be locked up. By dehumidifying an individual or a group of similar individuals, it is easier to not only abuse the rights of the people, but also to totally exterminate those people. This is why another “side effect” of demutualization is genocide. In the context of the animal kingdom, the animals that are viewed as weak are killed by the other animals.

Weakness does not contribute to a greater cause, such as mating to create lethal offspring. This brings the concept of “survival of the fittest” into play again. Just as animals who are not as strong get picked off by the bigger, healthier predators, genocide is man’s way of picking off the individuals that are inferior. Genocide is the process of deliberately invading an area and wiping out every individual of that ethnic group or nation. Typically genocides are acted out on weaker groups or nations by ones that have more advanced technologies, larger numbers and an overall dominance.

The Mi Alai Massacre is a great example of genocide during the Vietnam War. Soldiers are mechanized in a way similar to the way inmates who are entering prison are euthanized. Soldiers are stripped of their identity and taught to conform to specific rules. In training soldiers are taught to wear a “mask”. This metaphorical mask is worn by the soldiers to prevent a breech into the true identity of the soldier, while they are playing a role, from a script the general has given the soldiers. In training, soldiers are taught to kill. The age of the enemy being targeted does not matter.

When the general, as a higher power says to kill, the solider kills. This brainwashing mechanism is comparable to he mentality of a dog protecting the master. The dog has learned to be obedient to the master, because the master is a higher power. The dog does not care who the person is, if someone is harming the master, the dog attacks. This same loyalty that is portrayed in soldiers causes not only a demutualization of the soldiers, but also an ability for the soldiers to euthanize the enemy. Demutualization of the enemy is what happened in the genocide in Mi Alai.

Innocent civilians were shot, raped and brutally tortured, not because they posed a threat but because a general gave a command for it to be done. This example shows the previously discussed alts in what dehumidifying has done to humans. Instead of using communication to come to terms with the people of Mi Lei, force was used instead. This force causes an apparent increase in unnecessary violence. Soldiers would not go against what generals command because the solider fears the higher power, a trait of both humans and animals and the human rights of life were taken away from the people who lived in Mi Alai.

This is comparable to when Luke told the Fishes that Julian was a threat to the greater cause. It did not matter who Julian was to the Fishes, the Fishes were brainwashed to attack the enemy. Luke portrayed Julian as an enemy because he knew how important protecting the greater cause was. In taking out Julian as the enemy, Luke gained more power and more say in the situation, just as conquering the threat in war gives the winner an advantage of more power. One thing that separates humans from animals is the ability to recollect the past.

Through using the past to view ways that humans can improve, there is hope that the errors and failures that have impacted history, will not be repeated. If humans choose to ignore the wrong things that have been done in order to maintain a flawless record, parts of the past will be lost and resorting about following the deaths of the people it directly impacted. Human kind learns by failures, which also sets humans apart from animals. Not only can humans recollect the past, but humans can use what has happened in the past and combine it with the logic of changing the failed routine for a better tomorrow.

Animals have a pattern of life that works as an unchanging daily routine. Even when day after day the animal fails, the animal does not have a brain capable of evolving to the level humans do. When animals do not evolve, in a situation where the life of the animal is in danger, it will eventually go extinct. There are cases in history where humans have learned from error before the error wiped out the human race. A great example of this can be seen in war tactics throughout history.

Advancements that were never seen in a war such as the lightening warfare in WI were more advanced battle plans, which took the weaknesses of the old methods and improved upon them. At the same time that Hitler was using the blitzkrieg tactic, Poland was using horses to attack tanks. It is obvious which method would win in a fight. Although it caused casualties, lightening ware far was a lot more effective compared to previous battle plans where they did to fire until they saw “the whites of the enemy’s eye”, or used bows with bad accuracy, while fighting from far distances.

Without advancements, there would be hopelessness. No further advancements could be made because humans do not have a past to base the future off of like war generals had done by looking at the failures to improve upon them. The advancement of technology would have been put on hold and it is very possible wars would still be fought in the archaic way they once were. If people choose to hide the annalistic or not yet advanced aspects of humanity, and opt to ignore these alts, wiping them from history future generations will not be able to look back and invent ways to improve the errors to better human kind as a whole.

Humans will stop evolving and the same thing that happens to animals that cease to evolve in an ever changing world, will happen to humans as well. The concept of demutualization that is leading to an excess of different forms of violence, as seen in the prison setting, the lack of communication that is coming from using strength, rather than reasoning, human rights violations, such as testing certain groups without their consent and the genocide of aces and nations less powerful, is a prime example of a failure that is crippling humankind.