Dement and Kleitman

Demented and Kleptomania Hypothesis 1) There is a significant association between ERM and reported dreaming. Hypothesis 2) There is a significant positive correlation between the estimate of time spent dreaming and the measurement of ERM sleep. Hypothesis 3) There is a relationship between the pattern of eye movement and the reported content of the dream. Research Method 61 nights 9 participants (7 male 2 female) Participants were connected to an EGG machine to measure brain activity A door bell was used to wake them up

A tape recorder was used to record the dream content Participants were told to avoid alcohol and coffee- a control to prevent the effects of alcohol and caffeine affecting the results Participants were awakened 351 times over 61 nights – average of 5. Per subject per night 21% in first two hours 29% in hours 3 +4 hours 5+6 in hours 7+8 Results for hypothesis 1 ERM sleep Non-ERM sleep Dream Recall No Dream Recall 152 39 11 149 Main Findings- Results show participants were much more likely to recall dream in ERM sleep then in non-ERM sleep.

Results for hypothesis 2 Woken after 5 minutes in ERM sleep Woken after 15 minutes Grid.. However I do have a picture of it on my pod as I asked my friend for help, am I able to type it up again for you tomorrow and get it to you for Thursday? I have completed the four questions; a) Outline the function of the hippopotamus as described in Maguire’s study. – The hippopotamus is located in the medial temporal lobe and belongs to the limbic system. The limbic system is the set of brain structures that forms the inner border f the cortex. )

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