Dentists just make the world a happier place one smile at a time. Being a dentist takes a lot, since several years of school and pressure come with it, but for some people love that kind of thing. Seeing new patient’s everyday with a very well paying salary, dentists are very happy people. Believe it or not, there is more to being a dentist than checking people’s teeth.

Dentists have an array of responsibilities that require more than a degree from dental school. Of COUrse there is the usual filling Of cavities and removal of teeth decay, but dentists require more than that. A long day might include: filling cavities, pulling teeth, repairing teeth, replacing teeth, preventing dental disease, and much more. Dentists actually must not only be very wise and well-educated but they have to be able to communicate with people and be able to be a leader and give directions, especially if they own their own private practice.

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They must be detail oriented and very well organized. How would you like it if you walked into your dentist and your files were lost and there was equipment every,’here? Dentists must have the patience and physical stamina to withstand long days. They must be at the top of their game for every patient because people’s teeth can’t afford mistakes. Dentists really have a lot on their plate. Working as a dentist, running and operating you own office allows for customized working conditions and usually flexible hours.

Many dentists don’t work on Fridays, just because everybody loves a long weekend. A typical org week includes thirty-five or forty hours of work over a four or five day span. Some, however, are starting to work a few weekends and evenings to better fit busy patients schedules. As a dentist, one must be able to stand all day and deal with people who are uncomfortable with their mouth being worked on, such as small children. They can wear anything from scrubs and a lab coat to a more professional look. Most well paying rewarding vocations, especially dentists, don’t just happen overnight.

There is an education process that is required to go through in order to get that privilege and reach the goal of becoming a dentist. First, like most jobs, one needs a high school diploma or GEED to get into college. After completely two years of college that is littered with all types of science, especially biology and chemistry, one can apply for dental school. Dental schools will accept more Often with a bachelor’s degree, but one can still get in with only two years in college. After getting accepted, the aspiring dentist then must complete four years of dental school to get the state required license.

Then, general practitioners can jump straight into the job; specialized fields, however, have to go through one to two years in a residency in a program related to their field. Since it takes six to eight years to actually be in business, the people who make it are usually the most devoted. Have you ever seen a lazy dentist? It takes dedication to finish that much schooling and still have the drive to be a dentist, which is why the dentist that we have today are hard workers. What would be the point of going through all the schooling to be a dentist, if en wasn’t rewarded with good pay and a happy life when they did get the job?

After six to eight years of school, the average pay of a dentist in his or her very first year on the job in Oklahoma is $68. 73 per hour or $142,960 per year. The averages in the entire U. S. Are a little higher with the median hourly pay being $69. 83 and the yearly median being $145,240. Working four days a week, this is an exceptional salary. However, these numbers are only referring to general practitioners. Those in specialized fields make quite a bit more. The costs to running your own, young practice include: insurance, staffing your office, and buying equipment.

Dentists also get to control their off days, vacation days, sick days, and they get to choose the insurance plan and company they want. The perks of being your own boss! While sufficient pay and control over your schedule are benefit enough, there also comes power with being a dentist. Dentists change lives: they can even save them! Gum disease, pneumonia, and respiratory disease can result from bad hygiene. Even though there might be a lot of schooling to be a dentist, the pay ND benefits are worth it. In 2012, dentists held 146,800 jobs in the United States.

The job outlook for dentists is higher than 100 percent of all other medical professions. I relate this again to the devotion of aspiring dentists that have what it takes to get the job and excel in it. One of the reasons the outlook and sureness that there will always be work is that people will always want their teeth cleaned and their smile fixed. That is something that the technology age can’t take away. Employment is predicted to grow to sixteen percent by 2022, which appends to be a faster average than ALL occupations.

When you show me a complete American population that doesn’t want an attractive smile, I’ll show you pigs flying, and a bunch of jobless dentists. If you haven’t noticed by now, the upside to being a dentist is very high. If you’re into this kind of thing, there aren’t many sacrifices that come with the job, especially when you run your own practice. Dentists save lives, make good money, and get Fridays off. What more could you want? If you’re well- organized and a people person, a few years of schooling could land you the career of your dreams!