Deondra Crockett

My High School Graduation In high school everybody had looked forward to their graduation day. Was very excited to graduate from high school. When I started school did not have any idea how I was going to graduate, but I knew that I was able to accomplish anything that had set my mind to. It takes all of our time and effort to achieve a goal like that. It opens a lot of adventures and opportunities for people to succeed in the world.

I was determined to work hard be dedicated to my work, and make some very wise decisions that eloped me to accomplish my graduation goal. Still graduation is the end of high school and the beginning Of a whole new life. After I got dressed for my big day, my auntie put makeup on my face and did my eyebrows and my mom had also got my toes and nails down. I had went into the kitchen after to go get my breakfast. When I got to the kitchen a strong scent of grits, eggs, and sausage filled the air with a wonderful and delightful smell.

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As I sat down to begin eating my food, my mother turned and looked at me to ask me how my morning was going so far. I told her I was having a fantastic morning. I had helped my mom get dressed because she asked me what dress she should wear to my graduation. I told her to wear her long black and white striped dress with some heels. A bunch of my family members was at my graduation. They were very excited for me and cheering very loud because I was about to get my high school diploma. When I got to the gym, everybody was getting ready to walk to the football field. As thinking that I had finally succeeded and reached the day I had been waiting on since ninth grade. I was happy that I finally reached my goal to graduate on the night that ended high school life and started my college life. Everyone was always asking me what I wanted to do in college after graduation, but I was not sure because I like to cook different things. It is always fun to try something new every once in a while. Also had been wanting to do something in the criminal justice field. I was debating to be a lawyer or a paralegal however, had made up my choice to become a paralegal.

It became time for everyone that was graduating to get in a line start to walk o the football field and get to their seats and wait for the ceremony to start. When we were walking to the football field it felt like we were taking forever to get back there. I was beyond ready to get to my seat so I could get the night over with, but everybody had to wait for everyone to be seated before we started. At that moment I was excited and kind of sad at the same time because once walked across that field and grabbed my diploma I was no longer a high school student and everything was gong to be different after that night.

I was sad also because, realized I was rarely going to see all the friends made in high school once I got started with college. When May 9, 2014 had finally came, I was glad that made it to graduation day. Was a high school graduate from assumption high and I was one of the first few people to be called. I could have taken the easy way out and got help to do all my school work to have great grades to graduate. Instead, I did all the school work on my own, I had worked as hard as could every day to make good grades in my classes to pass.

I always look back at my high school says and say I am glad that I did my best by making wise decisions and being dedicated and focused on my school work. I was relieved that I was graduating because the stress was over finally. Those where the top things that needed to help me achieve my goal over the four years of high school towards my graduation. After the ceremony was over we went walk to the car and my auntie started to tell everybody get together so she could take pictures. When we were done taking pictures we all got in the cars and headed to Chili’s in Gonzales and had a great time.