Descriptive Essay

The year was 201 0 when my parents decided that it was time for a change. Have not really realized how big that change impacted my life until now. I went to North Shore Seventy h Day Adventist Academy for six years. At first, I really did not want to switch SC howls but as I put more and more thought into it, I decided that it was the best thing for me to d o. This first year at HA is one of the most important years in my life.

Registration day came and that was the first time that I ever entered the HA building. Remember everything looking so new and the place even smelled new. Rime member the signs on the gym doors that said “V’/RARING ASBESTOS”. Seeing that sign gave me the impression that the gym was being renovated which made me pretty excited. We walked into my 6th grade classroom for the first time and was surprised at the playground that was rig HTH outside the window. The red slides and the blue monkey bars, my school didn’t have a pal yoghurt so I was very excited about that.

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Just being there seemed unreal to me. Never thought that would ever switch schools until college of course so this all came as a big surprise. I remember meeting all the teachers that were new to me and they all seemed very friendly and made me feel very well come. Also remember learning about all the activities I could participate in. I could join so coerce, basketball, Donation 2 and even football. All of these sports were not offered at my previous school s 0 1 felt really happy about be able to participate in them. On the first day of school the first thing felt when woke up was anxiety.

HTH inking about all the new students would meet made me feel really self conscious. I took a really good shower and I brushed my teeth really well that day. When first got to school so many emotions clouded my mind. Fear, shyness, excitement, and even sadness from missing my old school . I sat in my chair which felt cold. I felt cold, alone , but then saw people that I knew I felt reassured knew Renee Arroyo from my old church and I knew Isaiah Raccoon from Kinder garter at my old school. As soon as saw them old memories popped up and I was excited ABA UT getting caught p with them.

But things were different. It is like they were completely differed NT people. I remember the first activity we did we all had partners and we would tell each other about ourselves. At first I was really nervous but then we got to know each other an d became really good friends later that year. Remember the day feeling very long. When the bell rang for lunch thought s school was over. Recess came and it was the first outside recess ever had. It’s funny beck cause at the time I thought that was so amazing and cool.

We played football which I never really played, in fact, I ever really played any sport until Hinsdale. I was so confused at was going 0 n the first time I played that sport and I felt ridiculous. I could never catch the ball and I would always be in the wrong position. Good thing nobody paid much attention to me. I remember w liking home from Donation 3 school for the first time. The cool air and the warm sunshine. I used to always drive home when I went to North Shore. A few weeks later we had basketball tryouts. I had no idea how to play basket ball butt decided to give it a shot navy.

So many embarrassing moments during that rout but also had some great moments. My favorite part was when My team and I won the scrimmage. I didn’t score but I felt great anyway. The next day I was extremely happy to see my n name on the list of the people that made the team. I honestly didn’t think I made it but I did and making that team made me feel really good about myself. Later that year my friend, Ben, had a nerd war at his house and it was one oft he funfest thing did that year. The bullets whizzing Pasteur face, the terror you feel when so neon surprises you.

I also got closer to the group of friends that attended that party Even though I was at HA for only a few months felt like knew those people for a really long it me. Started to forget about my old friends and lost touch with a lot of them. Really felt “AP art”. Can’t imagine how different my life would be if I never switched schools. I woo old be a completely different person. I’m really happy with who am now so I’m glad t hat I did make the decision to switch schools. I’ll always remember my first year at HA as being my favorite school year. There were so many memories packed into one year which is who y it was so important to me.