Descriptive paragraph

Ring! Ring! Ring! Was as relieved and happy as the bell rang on the last day of school so I could finally leave. Because I knew my summer break was going to be wonderful. First, I went to Alabama for three weeks to visit my Aunt Shirley. Had so much fun. When she saw me she said “My how you’ve gotten so tall’ I said Yes have almost tall enough to play Basketball” we both laughed. Considering the fact that was 4′ 10 at the time.

We had a good time Cooking, Shopping sitting relatives and swimming in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s always great to visit my favorite Aunt. When got back home. Stayed up really late most nights watching scary movies and taking on the phone. At that time loved scary movies. My Dad would say “Those scary movies are what keep you up all night” But he let me watch them considering it was Summer I didn’t have to get up for school. Staying up late was the Best!

Finally, did my favorite activity of the summer. I made a few scrapbooks, had shoe boxes full of pictures from every memorable momentous waiting for me to turn them in pretty Scrapbook pages. I missed my classmates from school so I took joy into putting colorful pages together to not let me forget all the good times we had. I made some imaginary scrapbook pages. Like School, but I love summer break it’s really the best time of the year besides Christmas. I wish it would never end.