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Despite the fact that there have been countless unprecedented discoveries in recent years,2    there is still a myriad left to unearth in the field of neurology. I wish to study3    neuroscience so that I can increasingly understand the brain and its plasticity while also4    advancing treatments for neurodegenerative diseases. With a close family member having been5    diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, I have witnessed brain deterioration first hand which has6    done nothing but reinforce my decision to opt for this subject as my major. Observing7    dementia, although tormenting, has been an interesting experience which not only fascinates me8    but has also lured me to pursue furthering my education in a career I’d enjoy.9    My thirst for knowledge has prompted me to choose classes that will help me thrive in a10    college environment. Taking the Advanced Placement(AP) Chemistry course taught me how to11    conduct lab experiments, calculate reaction rates, and make sense of the structures of matter.12    AP Calculus has improved my problem-solving skills and AP Psychology helped me grasp the13    biological bases of behavior. The so-called father of psychology and neurologist Sigmund Freud14    along with Carl Jung are two people I deeply admire. Jung’s ‘Archetypes and the Collective15    Unconscious’ was a fascinating read that made me want to major in a branch of science in the16    first place. However, my lack of motivation throughout high school has made for a difficult17    transcript. I personally think that my SAT score better reflects my aptitude.18    I’ve accumulated 2,000+ hours of community service at MTO (Maktab Tarighat Oveyssi) school of19    Islamic Sufism, which has made me proficient enough that I can speak, read, and write Farsi    with ease. Spending all this time at the school has helped flourish my interpersonal and    management skills. I participated in the ‘Welcome Home Project’, set forth by the mayor of Los    Angeles Eric Garcetti, which is a program to help the homeless population in downtown LA and    provide them with food and supplies. I also worked at an insurance firm (‘Syncis’) for two    summers, assisting one of the branches with the development of a website.    Yet from the moment I moved to suburban Los Angeles, I’ve felt homesick. For the past five    years, I have wanted to return to my favorite place on Earth: the U.K.. Having been raised in    Barnet, my love for Britain is endless. Everything that drives people away from England pulls    me in. The cold weather, cloudy skies, and crowded metropolitan are all reasons for why I lovethe great country. To go to a school where I grew up as a child would be a dream come true. I  remember when I was nine years old taking the 43 bus with my sister to London Bridge and    walking along river Thames, passing through King’s College to spend hours at the British    Museum. Those were times that I enjoyed and cherished, craving to be there again.