Detailed Lesson Plan In English

Comma please lead the prayer. You may take your seat. Good morning class. How are you today? It’s good to hear that you are all fine. Before we will start our lesson let us sing the song BINGO. Are you ready? Everybody please sit properly. B. Developmental Activities 1. Review Class what was our lesson yesterday? Yes Barbara. Very good Barbara. Okay class who can tell me what is a sentence. Anyone? Yes Taking you are recognized. That’s right. So what are the 2 parts of a sentence? Yes Ayah. Very good Ayah. Who can tell me what is a subject? Yes Angelica.

Very good! And who can tell me what a predicate is. Yes Slit. Very good. Okay who can give me an example of a sentence? Anyone? Yes Hell you are recognized. Very good. 2. Motivation Okay class I will show you some sentence and try to observe the last part of each sentence. 1 . Villa’s mother is a teacher. 2. Does Villa enjoy swimming? 3. We won! 4. Please clean your room. 5. Go now! What have you observed class? Yes Ditched? Very good Ditched. On the first sentence what punctuation mark is used? Yes Maria. Very good Maria. How about the second sentence? Yes Jose.

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Very good Jose. How about the third sentence? Yes Mark. That’s right. As we go deeper with our lesson today class we will learn what sentences these punctuation marks refers to. So are you ready with our new lesson class? Again I can’t hear you. Are you ready? Very good that’s the energy that I’m looking for. 3. Presentation Class you has an idea if what is our new lesson today? Yes Macon. That’s right. Our new lesson for today is about “The 4 Types of Sentences”. 4. Discussion so who has an idea what the first type Of sentence is. Yes Grace. Very good Grace.

When we say declarative sentence these are the sentences hat states a fact, thought, or idea and ends with a period. (Teacher shows a picture of a period. ) In our example on the board who can tell me what the declarative sentence is? Yes Nicole. Very good Nicole. At this time who can tell me what the second type of sentence is. Yes Ana. Very good Ana. Interrogative sentence asks for an answer and ends with a question mark (? ). In our example on the board who can tell me what the interrogative sentence is? Yes Matt. Very good Matt. Okay class who has an idea what is the third type of sentence?

Yes Fatima. Very good Fatima. Exclamatory sentence expresses a strong feeling and ends with an exclamation point (! ). Len our example on the board who can tell me what the exclamatory sentence is? Yes Daniel. Very good Daniel. Because it expresses a strong feeling. And now who can tell me what is the fourth type Of a sentence. Yes Maraca. Very good. When we say imperative sentence these are the sentences that gives a command or request and may also end with a period or an exclamation point So in our example on the board who can tell me what are the imperative sentences? Yes Jason.

Very good Jason. . Generalization Okay now class who can give me the 4 types of sentences. Yes Kuris. Very good Kuris. C. Application And now we will be having our group activity. Are you ready class? Will group you into four. These will be the first group, second group, third group, and the fourth group. (Teacher gives a piece of bond paper in each group). Group I – Write 5 examples of a Declarative Sentence. Group II -? Write 5 examples of an Interrogative Sentence. Group Ill – Write 5 examples of an Exclamatory Sentence. Group IV – Write 5 examples of an Imperative Sentence.

Any question class? Okay class I will just give you 5 minutes to do your activity. Your time starts now. Times up class! Finish or unfinished please pass your papers. 1 IV. Evaluation Okay class I will just give you 5 minutes to answer the quiz. Please read the instruction carefully. (Teacher will distribute the test papers). You may Start answering now. Write down the type of each sentence and give the appropriate punctuation marks. . Are you aware of the event tomorrow 2. Eat your supper 3. Oh, what a beautiful morning 4. Today is my birthday 5.