Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Greg didn’t understand WHY because in elementary school, Bryce would ALWAYS say that girls were stinky poss., but Greg always backed them up. That didn’t work too well, because the more Bryce would hate the girls, the more they would love Bryce. Yet again, Serge’s older brother, Redbrick, played a prank on him. A few days into summer vacation, Redbrick closed the blinds, set forward the clock, and got dressed. Redbrick said that Greg slept the whole summer and now its school time. So of course Greg got up and went downstairs to eat breakfast. His dad came down, too, and yelled at him for Ewing up at 3 and waking him up.

But now that school has actually started, he has been having a hard time getting up. Redbrick did something stupid AGAIN! He had this magazine that had a girl in a bikini that was lying on the top of a car. Many, Gregg brother in pre-school, got a hold of it. Then, he HAD to bring it to show-and-tell! Redbrick got grounded and both Serge’s mom AND the teacher got a few complaints about it. Now, the big question: what is Greg going to wear for Halloween? Rowley got this cool store-bought knight costume, including a helmet, a shield, and even a REAL sword!

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Then, with only n hour to spare, his mom came in and handed him an awesome pirate costume, hook and all! The only catch was that Many had to come, too. Rowley and Greg had it all planned out, BEFORE Many had to come. When they finally got out, Serge’s dad bumped into his boss and HIS little son. Whenever they wanted to make a point, they would stop and talk. Added to THAT, Many and the boss’s son wouldn’t go to ANY house in the neighborhood with ‘scary decorations. That meant they only hit about one house every 20 minutes. Finally after a few hours they left, and so Greg and Rowley could take off.

A little while later, Rowley need a ‘potty break’. Greg said to wait 45 more minutes, and then they will be done. By the time they got to Serge’s grandma’s house, Rowley looked as if he was going to explode. Greg let Rowley go, and by the time he was done, it was 10:30! They left for home, but halfway there a truck with a bunch of high school kids. One of the ones in the back has a fire extinguisher and shot them. They ran to Serge’s grandma’s house and stayed for awhile, then left. They then signed up for wrestling. Greg thought he was going to win, but he lost. Soon it was Christmas. Greg got a Ill Cutie, the worst comic EVER.

Of course, it was from Redbrick. He also got a picture of his ugly uncle Charlie, a brand-new weight set, and a red wool sweater. Wait, was that the sweater… Oh no. Gregg mom gave the Giving Tree, the program that they were doing at church. She was giving them a red wool sweater, and Greg knew he was going to get Twisted Wizard, a video game. They were both wrapped in the same paper, so they must have accidentally switched the gifts! Greg stormed off to Rowley house. He could always count on his parents to give him an awesome gift because they were rich. It ends up Rowley picked out the present, and it was a Big Wheel Tricycle!

That would have been cool if he was still five. When Greg went back to school, they had job openings for Safety Patrol. Greg signed up, just because he gets out of math for 45 minutes, AND he got hot cocoa. But then Rowley got fired for a week because Greg was terrorizing kindergärtners by chasing them with a worm. Greg was wearing Rowley coat, so when a parent saw it, they thought it was Rowley. Finally Greg told Rowley he did it and Rowley snitched! Greg got kicked off, AND Rowley got a promotion! And now, Rowley hates him! A few days later, they started yelling at each other and the kids started wanting, ‘FIGHT!