Distance MBA Online in India: an Alternative to Conventional MBA

There is an increasing number of working professionals who take a two-year break to enroll in a full-time MBA programme. Oftentimes, the toughest decision they make is to step away from their full-time jobs. While bagging an MBA will surely add weight to one’s career, taking a break is not aviable option, usually.

These days, Universities are realising the need to get their programmes or courses online to reach out to a segment that cannot pursue their higher education, full-time classroom based sessions, conventionally.

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Being innovative, some Universities are putting their courses online. One such educational institute is Pondicherry University, who has select professional courses online. With a high demand among professionals for MBA, they offer distance MBA online.

While the syllabus remains same for online distance as well as traditional MBA programmes, the difference comes from the approach and treatment. The conventional course entails students attending lectures in the classroom at a given time, whereas in an online distance programme the student can choose to either attend a live session or access the session later as all sessions are recorded and made available online. The benefit here is two-fold – firstly the student doesn’t necessarily have to attend a physical class session and secondly, they can decide the time they want to study.

The availability of course material as well as audio and video lectures online, around the clock, allows the students to choose a convenient time to study and set their own pace. It is self-study, however, a guided one.
The online ‘live sessions’ allow students the opportunity to doubt-clear and interact with faculty and peers.

Combining the two – working and studying – also gives you an opportunity to apply what you learnt into practice, in real time.

However, online distance MBA programmes are no cake-walk, especially when you have to juggle between work and school. So, for those thinking of enrolling in a distance online MBA should keep in mind that it will be strenuous two-years juggling work and study.

The benefits of a distance online MBA make it totally worth it. In two years while you continue to work, you would have earned an MBA (and that’s no easy achievement!). It’s do-able. It requires a certain kind of commitment and dedication.

All MBA programmes – conventional and online – are rigourous, with assignments and projects.However, in an online mode the time frames are slightly relaxed. Online forums, chat rooms allow for peer interaction and allows for a pan-country interaction among students.

One of the benefits is the class lectures are a click away and you can go back to them anytime. It is convenient and you don’t have to worry about missing a class, ever! Moreover, you can set your own pace to go through the course, make your own timetable as opposed to following one made for you.

In fact, Universities are ensuring that there are mobile apps that can be downloaded, so a student can practically study from anywhere and anytime, as long as they have a smartphone with internet connection. With the lectures saved on cloud, the compressed files can be downloaded on the phone and an individual can watch them offline.

Internet communication technology (ICT) enables Universities to provide students faculty and peer interaction. This means you can get to interact with your classmates and lectures online through chat forums. It allows for synergy between all – you can propose discussion topics related to your course or utilize the space to clear subject related doubts.

The beauty of this being that if you have a smartphone and an internet connection you wouldn’t need a laptop to login to study for your MBA.

So, you needn’t put off your decision to pursue an MBA anymore, as aMBA distance education programme gives you everything that a conventional programme gives and the bonus is you can continue working while you earn your degree, giving individuals the flexibility to study as well as work.

Vaishali Chandra
Directorate of Distance Education,
Pondicherry University