Distinctive Visuals: Mankind Is No Island and Scenic Drive

Distinctive Visuals are demonstrated through images or visualization which eloquently an emotion, meaning or ideas of culture, values or society. In Jason Van Gender’s 2008 short film, “Mankind Is No Island” the realization of society of the homeless and empathy towards them as the homeless man struggles with daily life. His experiences also make us question ourselves about humanity, the unfortunate and less privileged. Whereas, Ron Cob cartoon image “Scenic Drive” represent ideas of the negative effects of modern lifestyle.

An important aspect of Distinctive Visuals is uncovering ideas and meaning through imagination shown in lyrics, words or signs as this is explored in both texts. During the short film the homeless man is alone, shot in two big famous cities, Sydney and New York, the composer questions what is that people love about these cities. This is communicated through extreme close up shots of signs around the cities formed together to send their message. In, “But what is that we love. Do we love the people or the place.

Do we measure empathy by donations” questions the realities of society that these two big cities that people love so much, is it the place that sakes it just a beautiful place or is it the people because there are unfortunate and under privileged people being disregarded. “Do we measure empathy by donations” also questions society, does contributing to donations truly show that they care. The phrases used put together from signs and posters around the cities in order to send their message makes Gender’s video unique as it shows how words can tell a story.

These simple methods represent how easy it can be to make a change and the great impact it can have on underprivileged people. Whereas, in “Scenic Drive” by Ron Cob, the animation of arbitration and how humans have diminished the scenery of natural environment. The surroundings are represented as intimidating where heavy smoke, power lines and factories dominate the image. Through irony of the sign ‘Scenic Drive’ makes it quite deceiving with boards displaying what we picture as ‘Scenic’.

The long narrow road are vectors that draw us to the smoke and as the smoke draws us the factories. This creates a sense of idea that the cars traveling in only one direction towards the smoke, there is no going back or second thoughts. In which the environment will further deteriorate and arbitration will take over. Distinctive visuals may bring upon many ideas or meaning, through perspective different interpretations and understanding can be made.

Throughout the short film flies and drags along the road a red, heart shaped balloon used a motif to constantly remind ourselves if we have heart? The heart to show some love to the community, in particular the under privileged. As the lost homeless man is approached by a young man and assists him. We see that words can carry strong meaning and idea as the young man carry out these deeds. “l walk by you today, did not look away. No different to me” shows that action has already been taken in which a difference has been made.

Use of the non-dietetic music throughout the short film, during every beat or upbeat there is a transition in images which powerfully flows with the sad atmosphere. Through both texts ideas have been portrayed in various ways. In “Mankind Is No Island” through words captured of big cities and “Scenic Drive” of mass destruction and arbitration. It is a rising awareness made by society to make a change and positively impact the community and world. Therefore, both texts represent distinctive visuals through layout and perspective.