Diversity Write Up

My informed experience of the first class exercise where labels were put on everyone’s forehead and some other students either did the gesture that was placed on the forehead or they just walked away depending on what the label suggested, gave me the impression that the exercise was based on perception or reception in the workplace. The second exercise consisted of various adages and some were in other languages and the purpose of this exercise was to recognize that although words can have the same meaning he wording Of the gestures or adages could have been perceived in a different light.

I think the learning objective of these two exercises were to inform the audience that although something can be said one way it can possibly be received another way. So often people haven’t learned how to effectively communicate and they fail to realize the outcomes of their poor communication. Also, although words may have the same meaning, depending on the background of the individual it was geared towards, it could sibyl result in positive or negative reactions. Hint these activities would be truly be effective in an organization’s diversity training curriculum because it would allow people to look at themselves through training and possibly assess information they were never aware of about themselves. Chapter 7 has the permanent dimension that refers to physical attributes or inclinations people are born with and that don’t naturally change over time. This model explains how people evolve and geographic location and religion loud play a huge role in how people behave.

One religion may teach you to behave in one way when faced with a particular situation, while another religion may teach you that you must respond in the opposite manner. Neither are necessarily wrong, but when your offering training there needs to be standards set for the company, which sets the example for the whole company to model, no matter the background. One aspect that could make training activities more effective is to possibly use the 1 0-step diversity initiative.

This initiative exemplifies an outline or guide of steps to take to improve the quality of diversification in the workplace. Setting the vision and monitoring change as the company progresses, will ultimately lead to an effective system. Also believe the Who are you?