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To make a positive contribution, 5 – To achieve economic well being, which was to be remembered by people who work with children to give them the best start in life. Policy. The Child Protection Policy explained that ALL children have the right to be protected from abuse no matter what gender, ethnicity, disability, beliefs or what sexuality they are.

If any allegations or concerns were made regarding abuse to a child under the policy it was to be taken serious which may include the police and hillier services getting involved. Safeguarding was introduced as the new term of Child Protection which also included prevention of abuse. The definition of safeguarding is that all parties take measures to ensure a child’s welfare and risk to harm is minimized. If there was concern of abuse then appropriate action is to be taken by all parties this working to local policies and procedures and The Safeguarding Act 2005.

Under The Every Child Matters Policy, 2004 Children’s Act and safeguarding Act 2005 practices were put in place for working with children to include treat equally with aspect and dignity, To maintain safe and appropriate distance between child and care and build a balanced relationship with mutual trust. One of the main good working practices was to keep a written report which is a legal document and can be used in court of the time spent with the child.

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In March 2010 The Key Document was published , this based on working together to safeguard children. It outlined how organization and individuals should work to promote the welfare of children in relation to The Children’s Act 1989 and 2004. Part f the document was a guidance of how Practitioners and agency’s all have different responsibilities to protect the welfare of children under the age of 19 years and 24 years with disabilities. Cry’s were introduced for people to have when working with children.

These were used to gather information from numerous sources of the person past of criminal convictions (If had one) and a discloser was issued to the person and employer. This is then used by the employer to decide if the person can take the position of working with children. All Cry’s when working with children are Enhanced. In all counties they have a Local Safeguarding Children’s Board (LICKS) which can be used for help, information by careers, agency and everyone that works with children.