Does to increase your number of social shares

Does your blog have a strategy? Are you struggling to
take your blog to the next level?


Blog posting is important to an effective content
strategy. Blog posting can boost your SEO results. It can help establish thought leadership and increase
credibility. The better you optimize your blog posts for SEO, the
higher will be your web pages search results.   

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But, content strategy is much more than creating, distributing,
and sharing content to engage audiences and generate leads. Content strategy is
your marketing plan that requires marketing goals. It is a strategic approach
to guide your content writing. To do this you:


Have to uncover your core strengths and
brand’s value.

Have to understand your customer’s needs,
wants, and purchasing journey.

Have to understand how your competitor
communicates with their customers. Understand their brand values and unique
selling proposition.


How to write effective blog posts


Without blogging, you have nothing to promote in social
media. You will have no clout with your customers and leads. And you will
definitely have fewer pages to put your call-to-action that generate inbound

Let’s dive in how to implement a good blog posting

anyone can blog as long as you know the subject. But, the secret to success is
by giving your readers the information on a more personal approach to a more
business-savvy, networking approach.  

a topic for your blog post and come up with a working title to help you focus
on your content writing. Later you can change that
topic to something broad or narrow to create a more niche ones.

Write a captivating introduction to grab the reader’s
attention. Describe the purpose of your post and address the reader’s problem
to keep them reading.

A blog
post can be overwhelming for the reader. So, organize your information into
sections, tips, and lists.

about what you know, but do additional research to gather more information to
back up your points.   


Blog Posting Strategy to receive traffic from Google

Creating a
high-quality content will not guarantee your content strategy success. Define
your goal to develop a successful plan. Collect all the necessary information
beforehand to increase your number of social shares and links. This will save
time and connect with a much broader audience. 

Let’s find out how:

1.     When it comes to blog posting, there’s no silver
bullet to drives traffic from Google. Every industry has audiences that behave in a unique way
which should be targeted with a personal approach. Perform a substantial amount
of time researching in-depth information about what works in your niche. Gather
as much data so that you can create content that bloggers and journalists want
to read and link.


To send constant streams of traffic to
your site, write brilliant and long-form articles that rank for
years.  Use a combination of tools for listings of linkable and
shareable posts. SEMrush, Ahrefs or BuzzSumo have these listings by domain or search


2.     Analyze
at least ten sites you want to eventually establish relationships and link to
them where it’s appropriate. Land some guest posting spots that promote your
landing page. Contact the site owners and tell them you have something that they may
be interested in publishing.


3.     If
you already have an existing audience, prepare lists of Twitter, Facebook
accounts, and LinkedIn groups relevant to your content piece. Work on you
introduction pitch. Remember, social media is about captivating brevity.

Blog Posting
that works

Blog posting
to get that super-targeted traffic to your blog is not easy. Analyze what your audience is trying to
achieve. For example, a reader visiting a blog
about weight-loss could be looking to lose weight or live a healthy lifestyle.
People want to lose weight for many different reasons. While these topics are
all related to weight loss, they have different audiences. 

Create contents
that focus on one audience, add another audience on top, and smash it. Then,
find an army of influencers to help you.