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Bangladesh is the highest Hills producing country among the Hills producing countries. It Produces of worlds total Hills production. In terms of production and quantity exported, Hills has played a significant role in the economy of Bangladesh in recent years. A recent experiment has shown it has beneficial effects in decreasing cholesterol level and insulin Hills is an oily fish and rich in essential omega 3 fatty acids. Hills always had a great demand for its taste around the world.

The main idea is to produce processed Hills cans with a flavor of mustard sauce. This will be premium in quality, taste and price. Our product is targeted towards LACE country, which is Hill’s existing potential market. Previously we are importing frozen Hills to these countries. AJAX the population growth rate is but above 1 5 years to 65 years the percentage of population is 76. % which is our target market. Besides their Strong economic background makes the product more suitable and reachable in their market.

It is a very crucial part for every business as we are manufacturing Hills by owns so the cost of manufacturing and then processing Hills into canned Hills is much higher for the Hill’s high price. So we will be targeting a country that is ready to buy our product at high price like AJAX page | 3 INTRODUCTION According to the international Monetary Fund Bangladesh ranked as the 44th largest economy in the world in 201 2 in APP (Purchasing Power Parity) terms ND 57th largest in nominal terms with a gross domestic product of US$306 billion in APP terms and USES 53. Billion in nominal terms. The economy has grown at the rate of 6-7% per annum over the past few years. More than half of the GAP is generated by the service sector; while nearly half of Bangladesh are employed in the agriculture sector. Other goods produced are textiles, jute, fish, vegetables, fruit, leather and leather goods, ceramics, ready-made goods. Frozen food is one of largest contributor to the foreign exchange earnings and occupies fourth position among the export items in arms of total export earnings (Bureau of Statistics, 2004).

Hills, occupies a major part of frozen food sector and is the national fish of Bangladesh. It contributes nearly 16. 4% of the country’s total fish production. Hills fishery provides country’s 1% GAP each year. In fiscal year 2010-11 before the ban of exporting Hills Bangladesh has exported 8,500 tons of Hills fish in International market which dropped to 521 million tones after the Ban. Hills get caught around the world every year. But most of the export is made by Bangladesh. Bangladesh is exporting Hills in many entries among them India, some East and Middle-East Countries, European union, America and Australia.

Bangladesh is the highest Hills producing country. It Produces 50%-60% of worlds total Hills production. In terms of production and quantity exported, Hills has played a significant role in the economy of Bangladesh in recent years. We are choosing Hills fish as the key element of our product. The reason for choosing Hills is due to the availability of this product in Bangladesh in terms of quality and quantity. Hills is one of the major foreign exchange earners and plays a critical role in the national economy.

The government on July 31, 2012 imposed the ban on Hills export to keep its prices at a reasonable level in the local market and had permitted a very limited import, which makes it a premium food product. Hills also transcends border, religion and culture as anyone of religion can have this without any restrictions. Page | 4 “Attenuates Lilies” which will be canned fish product processed in a manner for preserving it for longer period with proper food grading quality and safety. Hills always had a great demand for its taste around the world.

But due to its high price, difficult cooking method and export restriction makes it unreachable fish. We are developing such product which will accommodate all these berries. The main idea is to produce processed Hills cans with a flavor of mustard sauce. Canning was first used in the sass in Scotland to keep fish fresh until it could be marketed. By the sass, salmon was being canned in Maine and New Brunswick. The commercial salmon canneries had their main origins in California, and in the northwest of the US, particularly on the Columbia River.

Western, European and most of the people from developed countries have tenderness to processed canned food products as Hess saves their time effort and provide food safety and hygiene concerns. So producing such product like processed Hills cans will offer them a great value. They will be able to taste the famous ‘Cornish Hills’ in terms of cans which they have avoid for its being bony and difficult cooking method. Our product processed Hills cans, will be a premium product for unavailability and exporting restrictions of the Hills. It will provide an essence of our culture within it.

Hills is always been a favorite fish of the people of Bangladesh. In Bangladesh this fish get cultural involvements as people Have Pant Hills’ in Bangle New Year. In few region of the country, people have a tradition to have ‘Cornish Hills’ in days Of rainy season. Which is the most popular and delicious recipe of our country. Our aim is to produce such product which will combine our cultural essence with western food habit for offering a perfect value to its consumers. Product Processing Method: Before going to the method, the concept of fish canning should be cleared.

Canned fish are fish which have been processed and, sealed in an airtight container such as a sealed tin can, and subjected to heat. Canning is a teeth of preserving food, and provides a typical shelf life ranging from one to five years. Fish have low acids at levels where microbes can flourish. From a public safety point of view, foods with low acidity need sterilization under high temperature (1 16-130 co). To achieve temperatures above the boiling point requires a method of pressurized cooking which IS provided Page | 5 by the containment within the can.

After sterilization, the containing can prevents microorganisms from entering and proliferating inside. Other than sterilization, no method is perfectly dependable as a preservative. Can fish processing includes these four steps to produce finished product. 1. Receipt of fish Collected Hills will be receipt in this first step. In this Step fishes will be prepare with viscera and wash well for the introduction to the production line immediately after the transfer of surplus to the stage of preliminary preparation for the cold freeze. 2.

Freezing and storage This step includes Controlling health requirements and hygiene for the preparation. Fish monitoring and temperature recording in the stores continuously maintain the high quality of the Hills. 3. The initial processing (cutting cooking and cooling) In initial processing step fishes will be cut off in means of leaflets and clean fishes will be packed in a steel box for cooking. Cooking at a temperature of ICC- ICC in impurity free sea water is required for achieve quality standard. After cooking properly it will go in cooling room, where special mustard sauce will get mixed with the fish. . Manufacturing After initial processing fish will come to the manufacturing step, where processed Hills will be packaged in company’s specifically designed packets along with logo and full finished can Hills will be ready for the customer. Page | 6 Product Specifications: Product Name: Attenuates Lilies price: 15 dirham Basic Ingredients: Hills fish, salt, water, spices, food preservatives, mustard Sauce. Net weight: egg Expiry date: 4 years from the manufacturing date Product Details: Two pieces of processed Hills fish flavored with mustard Sauce.

This product will Contains proteins and other nitrogenous compounds, lipids, minerals and vitamins and very low level of carbohydrates, vitamin B complex which is source of minerals like calcium, phosphorous, iron, copper and trace elements like selenium and zinc. Besides, as it is a saltwater fish. It contains high levels of iodine also. (Sparkman, 1997) . SOOT Analysis SOOT analysis is the process through which company tries to find its strength, weakness, opportunity, threat and make their strategic plan. Here we have done the SOOT analysis of canned Hills.

Internal Factor: Strengths and Weakness External Factor: Opportunities and Threat Internal Factor: Strengths Potential Source of Food and nutritional security. Hills is the most popular fish among the 250 million Bengali living all around the world. Hills is highly available in Bangladesh. Owe cost for fishing Hills in Bangladesh. Government rules are suitable for exporting Hills most of the time. Page 7 Hills is one of the most expensive fish. As it is a sea fish, keeping Hills fish fresh is very difficult after taking out from water.

Bangladesh is a river oriented country but Hills couldn’t found in every river in Bangladesh. It is mostly found and caught from Pads and Meghan. Less awareness among the common people about benefit of Hills in Bangladesh and also foreign country. Lack of economic data on fish industry. External Factor: Opportunities Growing demand for domestic fresh water fish like Hills. Fisheries management changes to meet market needs. . G. , consistent availability, quality and price. So canned Hills is a new and innovation idea for changing fish industry. Higher quality like canned Hills and reasonable price.

Canned Hills is new in industry so competition will be less. Its competitor will be other canned fish The retreats Bangladesh government’s recent ban on Hills export for a certain period of time is a threats for exporting canned Hills. Due to oceanographic and Climate change are leading to decrease in marine fish and also in Hills fish catches. Illegal export of Hills fish from our country is also a big threat for legal export. Lack of public and community support for the commercial fishery. Page | 8 Several factors are affecting on the demand function of Canned Hills.

Price, income distribution, substitutes, tastes and fashion, advertising and expectations of the consumers make the changes along the demand curve and demographic characters lead to change the position of the demand curve. 1) Demographics Population growth rate and age distribution are key important factors affecting the demand of Canned Hills. As the country with positive population growth rate generate larger youth population. And their choice is mainly on fast foods so in those countries the demand of Hills is less like United Kingdom and United States of America.

Whereas on the other hand Japan has low population growth and population is aging. 25 percent of the population is aged over 65 years and their diet is based on fish and rice so here there should be a positive demand for Canned Hills. Ethnicity and Race: These are other important factors on demand function. Coloratura values, religious concerns and attitudes make different among the population. As in Middle East has mostly Muslims and they rely on meat UT their most preferable fish is Hills and they don’t like to sea cucumber and shark fins.

So they will love to have canned fish in their region. Geographic distribution: It is an important phenomenon to decide demand of Hills. In Bangladesh the availability of Hills is good dud rivers where as in Dubbed the availability of Hills is poor due to the which they can’t consume it that much regardless they want to. So there will be a possibility of having Hills available there in terms o Hills, automatically it will affect demand. Literacy: Literacy rates and level of education lead to create knoll society which is more concern on food safety and quality.

Health c food safety and hygiene are the key concern in develop country m compared to developing nations. As well as consumers of develop countries are willing to pay extra premiums for fish and fishery sustainable base. So it is important to see the country’s literacy rat to determine the demand of canned Hills. Page 9 2) Consumer Preferences price, quality, convenience, nutritional concerns, safety and hygiene key factors affecting the demand of canned Hills. People wants to price but wants in good quality like Japan concerns more on fresh ND they fetch highest price for freshest form of the fish.

On the o Western markets consume cooked forms and their concerns are n quality and food safety. Product should be convenient for the and house wives, cutting, washing fishes is a hassle so canned Hills helpful for them to prepare as well as for the busy men too. As we huge demand of fishes with Omega 3 fatty acids in modern marker has this as it nutrients so the demand of this would be favorable. 3) Buyer Specification These are very important to the marketing of fresh produce. Buy twofold individual buyer and institutional buyers. Volume of trade according to the type of buyer mainly.

Seasonality, economic status aspects and purchasing power of the consumers affects the trade Presentation style of fish is very important as if the fish is perishes from the can if an odd smell is coming out automatically the edema So, if we introduce the canned fish providing a good package, it WI the demand and will reduce the hassle as well.