Doodles: Create a Master Piece without Even Knowing

Whether we accept it or not, most of us doodle during lectures and meeting. Definitely, we are finding the lecture or the meeting to be boring and thus our mind simply gets distracted. Well, of course later on we are going to regret for not paying attention. On the brighter side, we actually let our mind be free and scribble on paper all our worries and tension.


Doodling is an amazing way to apprehend our own artistic potential. While doodling, we never pay attention to what we are doing and as a matter of fact we don’t even need to. Doodle is a drawing that we make when our attention is otherwise occupied. The drawing doesn’t need to be concrete or make any sense. In fact, it can be anything like abstract shapes, geometrical shapes, etc.

Usually, while doodling, most people draw geometrical shapes. This is because we have learnt them in school and our mind believes that if we are drawing geometrical shapes, the drawing won’t turn out that bad. Well, on the other hand, you can always try drawing monster doodles. There are actually no limits when it comes to drawing, especially doodling monsters.

Doodling funny monsters

For starters it can be said that your monster can be both, funny or scary. Your monster:

Can be smiling, beaming, growling or scowling
Can be slim or fluffy
It can have big, small, pointy or no ears
It can have as many numbers of legs and hands or no legs and hands.
It can have limbs, eyes, nose and years at any places.
It can have designs like polka dots or strips on its body.
And whatever you can imagine

How to draw monsters?

First of all pick the easiest shape you can imagine. For instance, you can start by drawing a circle. Next, keep some space below the circle to add legs to your monster. Now draw two devil horns on the head of your monster and make a face. You can draw big eyes with a toothy smile. There is no need to add details like hands or ears, and there you are.

Well, this was just an example. However, when it comes to doodling little monsters, there are whatsoever no limitations. Since you are making one subconsciously, without knowing you will be giving in hundred percent and make a catchy drawing. So, go ahead, leave your mind free and create some fantastic doodling art.