DOWRY:D: had her father’s blessing. In ancient times,

DOWRY:D: DonkeysO: Of the first orderW: Who can’t stand on their own feet.R: Rely on their wives richesY: Yet shamelessWhat is the Dowry?Dowry or jahez means the property, things and money which are brings to her husband at the time of marriage. It was with a view to making the married life of the couple easy pleasant and successful that ancient people entertained and popularized the idea of dowry on a vast scale. Inour country the institution of dowry has taken deep roots in the society putting millions of poor and middle class families to trouble and in future many people can’t marry their daughters in the face of demand for dowry from the boy’s families.The history of the dowry?The parental giving a dowry in exchange for their daughters hand in marriage is an ancient custom that has been practiced all over the world and still continues in some part of the world. Many cultures expect, or in some cases, demand a dowry as a condition to accept a marriage proposal mostly in areas including Asia, northern Africa and even certain regions of the Europe. The tradition of dowry decreased over time and it is no longer a common custom in developed countries or urban areas.During the wedding ceremony the giving away the bride was acknowledgement that the dowry had been negotiated and the bride had her father’s blessing. In ancient times, dowry could serve to increase the desirability of women for marriage. Men could potentially consider a marriage proposal based on the size of their expected dowry in order to build power and wealth for their own families. In certain cultures such an ancient Rome the father was basically required to provide every daughter with a dowry appropriate to his means. If a father was unable to give a reasonable dowry for her daughter’s hands, a relative or family friend might offer to help out and provide the dowry on her behalf. The causes of the establishment of dowry as a permanent, difficult institution in our country are several. They develop great attachment for wealth,property, and worldly things. Moral and spiritual principles come to be secondary in a importance as a result, a heavy dowry become a big recommendation for the bride in the eyes of bridegroom. A rich wife bringing wealth, property and things with her surly raised the material status of the husband. She was much more acceptable than a poor bride however good nature and noble she might be. The worsening economic conditions and tremendous growth in population gave rise to caused widespread unemployment. Boys in large number either remained unemployed or earned insufficiently for years together. Marriages become a serious problem as proper, earning husbands could not be easily found. So marriage with a lot of dowry to a boy, who could be prosperous only at later time , was found to be one way of solving this problem. In order to make dowry a less trouble some institution have to take certain steps.The purpose of dowry:In ancient times, a dowry was given to the groom and his family in exchange for the bride as a way of ensuring that she is properly taken care of and comfortable. In those times it was also expected that the bride would leave her family have to reside with or near her new husband’s family .This gift would be serve to provide a bit of financial security in the case of widowhood and was thought to eventually provide for the couples future children as well.A dowry could also be considered conditional offering that would be expected to return in the case of divorce, abuse or another mistreatment of the bride.In modern time periods, the dowry is intended to help set the couples new household, especially in cultures where it is rare for women to work outside the house. In the case of the bride passing things could get a little hairy. If a woman died without having any sons his husband would have to return the dowry to the bride’s family deducting the bride’s price. Thebride is also entitled and the dowry after her husband death and the dowry are only inheritable by her own children,What was in a typical dowry?A dowry could be made up of any combination of valuable things. Dowries often consisted of money jewels or precious metals kind or property, home, furniture  and more. In some cases a groom had to ask her bride permission to use or sell certain items contained within the dowry. Such as land or propertyCauses of Dowry?There are many causes.Due to povertyFighting attitude of husband and wife.No childrenDomestic violenceCauses and effects for dowry.Women suicides due to abuse and tease from mother in lawDowry related deaths.• Consequences: Crime• Murder• Malnutrition• Unemployement• Cirrhosis/ alcoholic Conclusion:To stop dowry system firstly we need to change our thinking and views .it all depend on our perception. We should think that if other parents are giving their daughter to us. We should take care of her.For money we should not tease the girl.We need to take this thing ourselves that if a daughter is married had been beaten only for the sake of money and property. We should think about this matter very seriously . Goody, Jack (1976). Production and Reproduction: A Comparative Study of the Domestic Domain. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. p. 6.Jump up ^ Goody, Jack (1976). Production and Reproduction: A Comparative Study of the Domestic Domain. 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