Drinking and smoking

The patterns of drinking and smoking, in hundreds of societies around the world even before recorded history, have been strikingly similar. Most of these underage turned to drinking and smoking, regardless of possible health implications, and often at considerable risk, when faced with problems. The demands of the adolescence today are building up in a society characterized by fragmented families, inconsistent child disciplinary, affluence and poverty. A hundred of studies claim that parental guidance and family upbringing take an important role in the molding of anti-drinking and anti-smoking of their sons and daughters.

One states that children, at the teenage stage, may construct an extremely negative image of their parents which may not be accurate. Mischievous acts done by the youth may be the results of inconsistent discipline s well as harsh discipline done by parents or guardians. Moreover, broken home is a factor resulting to drinking and smoking, disrupting the practices of responsible of positive parenting. But no matter how harsh the way these parents may be in using the facility of words, it all boils down to their intention which is to lead their kids away from harm.

In addition, socialization has just been so successful in conquering the stance of the youth in attending so much to drinking and smoking. Peer pressure as they say, is just one of the major reasons these kids often neglect the circumstances they may face in the long run. Psychologically, delinquent behaviors like drinking and smoking are inevitable during adolescent stage because this is the stage where these kids often meet new faces, new personalities and new interests.

Adolescence is a crucial stage where most of these teenagers experience sudden changes that may cause these minors a series of problems like stress and depressions. These youngsters often consider drinking and smoking a means to escape from their problems because they believe that drinking and smoking can alleviate them of their everyday cares. “When you smoke, the feeling is different, beyond explanation, it feels like magic,” Gary, a 15- year old kid in high school exclaims. Naturally, in moments like this, youngsters like Gary become unmindful of the effects that may be inflicted on them upon doing such acts.

May they remember that drinking and smoking are not always a home away from home. It is such a shame that even in the existence of by-laws and the warnings of dangers to the physical, mental, and emotional health of persons who are having the tendency to drink and smoke, still, they are becoming braver to take the risk of being drinkers and smoker even at a very young age. Psychologists believe that most delinquents’ acts are due to a weak, incomplete, or defective superego leading them to do childhood urges resulting to acts that penetrate drinking and smoking tendencies.

In due course, once these kids get themselves in to a habit of drinking and smoking, studies will be greatly affected. Although having fun, socializing, and trying out new things are part of growing up, teens should always take caution to avoid the extremes of drinking and smoking, though they consider it as imperative for the tough, outside world. Everything comes down to this: it is just a burst of mixed emotions, of which these young kids think of themselves as invincible, ready to face anything but have to restrain themselves.

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