Driverless cars

Drivers Cars The future is here, and most people need to be alerted to any changes. Every day people realize that something new has been innovated; therefore, people try to go for of the latest innovations. Nowadays, computers have been implemented in new cars. For example, Audio with an automatic parking system, Ford with its systems of hands- free calling and hands-free tailgate, and many other similar cars have brought new innovations to the automobile market. The reality is that in the near future we will have cars driving by themselves; as a result drivers cars should be accepted in society soon.

Government should permit the drivers cars to be on the streets because they have many significant benefits that easy outweigh any apparent disadvantages. One important benefit of drivers car is that it would save time. Drivers car is a work in progress that is potentially important in technology where a computer would drive the car instead of a person. Tyler Cowmen, professor of economics at George Mason University says, “The benefits of drivers cars are potentially significant.

The typical American spends an average of roughly 100 hours a year in traffic; imagine using that time in better ways вЂ? by working or Just having UN” (1). Cowmen is sure that the transit system will work much better if people would use the system drivers cars. Even though drivers cars are not legal in any states of the United States, it can be a reality very soon (1). Also, these innovations could reduce the average incident of traffic fatalities. “About 40,000 Americans die each year in car accidents” (Cowmen). As a result, drivers cars can reduce the percentage of deaths produced for intoxicated people.

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Driver error is the most common cause of traffic accidents, with cell phones and in-car entertainment systems. Even though drivers cars could cause new problems, with a well inspection these cars would save lives over all. For instance, the computers may not answer to some uncommon situations. It is true that such a failure can lead to accident initially. However, in such circumstances the new technology will then soon identify and fix any problem of malfunction and could avoid the repetition of the same incident of accident or mishap.

Moreover, most inventions have been favorable for humanity including the creation of the car. A car without a driver could indeed be a threat to the lives of people, but not forever. Every possible error can and will be corrected before long also, until the manufactures of drivers cars prove that the invention is very safe, the acceptance of these cars will take some time for the society. Furthermore, thinking through the implications of the drivers cars, these will be vehicles whose complex sensors allow them to communicate with one another so that they know one another’s intended route enabling more cars on the street(l).

This new system would permit a transit system that would have more capacity and would be more organized 1). Also, travelers will have less waiting time in their Journey and will be able to reach their destination faster (1). One of the reasons Google is investing so much in the development and utilization of the drivers car is that whoever owns the communications system for drivers cars will own the 21st century’s equivalent of car is a project by Google that involves developing technology for autonomous cars.

The project is currently being led by Google engineer Sebastian Thru, director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and co-inventor of Google Street View’ (Worst). Realizing well the potential benefits of drivers cars to the public and to the transport system DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, supports this innovation it did when the computer networking was created (2). DARPA always works to prevent technological surprises to the US, but also seeks to create technological surprise for our enemies. Also this agency is responsible for the development of new technologies for use by the military.

At the present time, not many companies see the creation of drivers cars as a good investment because hey are too expensive also there are too many obstacles in the way(3). Therefore, this system of transportation has not had much advance in the last decade. As a consequence, the progress in implementation of this system of transportation has stalled. However, people like Tyler Cowmen, a renowned economist, consider it important for companies to invest in this new technology and feel that other companies should encourage supporting this project.

Also, Tyler Cowmen affirms, “The point is not that such cars could be on the road in large numbers tomorrow, but that e ought to give the cars вЂ? and other potential innovations вЂ? a fair shot so that a prototype can become a commercial product someday’ (1). Michael Mandela, an economist with the Progressive Policy Institute, compares the low growth in technology with stones in the river that gradually accumulate and do not let the water flow well for the lack of support from government organizations making slow progress in the development and usage of this invention (2).

The actual problems that must still be overcome are about insurance liability and the regulations that low us to use them or not on the roads (Worst). Someday, probably the barriers will be removed and this new invention will be riding on the streets without any problem. The legal obstacles to the drivers cars need to be renewed. Tyler Cowmen affirms, “In the early part of the 20th century, the original advent of the motor car was not impeded by anything like the current mГ©Lange of regulations, laws and lawsuits. Potentially major innovations need a path forward, through the current thicket of restrictions.