Drops Of Jupiter

This woman went back into the atmosphere to find see if she could discover more of herself and see if there are more things to experience outside their relationship. This atmosphere represents a wide space filled with different possibilities. There are “drops of Jupiter in her hair” suggesting that even though she decided to leave him, she still brought with her some parts of him and she takes him where ever she goes. She acts like summer -? which represents lightness, joviality, and freedom; she walks like rain -? which represents cleansing, tears, renewal, and forgiveness.

He said that this reminded him of the possibility for change, telling us that they wanted to have this “change” within themselves that might have affected their relationship. Since she came back from the moon, she listened like spring. Moon represents progression, illumination, and reflection; spring represents transition. This tells us that she became more open and true after she came back from that trip. He asked her if she visited the sun, a symbol that suggests different cultures. It also symbolizes focus and clarity.

He asks her if she had the chance to see and meet these different people and societies which she might be looking for in this Milky Way filled with faded lights. These faded lights are the different stars that represent different people with different beliefs and personalities comprising the galaxy. Also, has she experienced this almost paradise phase of her life, this so-called heaven? He asked her if she fell for a shooting star without a permanent scar -? did she fall for someone new? Someone who has no flaws like him?

He also wanted to know if she missed him, if she missed his presence in her life while she was away, exploring the world and herself. Another, he was wondering if the wind has swept her off of her feet and was she able to dance with the light of day, this is saying that the wind which is a living force strong enough to carry her life away, into something ore that she hasn’t planned, and dancing with the light of day is being able to go with the trends and with the flow of the society that she was trying to “look for. After the woman was back from her soul vacation -? of finding herself _ she traced her way through constellations which represents the various people and experiences she had faced along the way, and now she has been trying Mozart and Tee-boo which represent the willingness to try new things, and to learn more and Soon inspired the man to have himself “grow” as well.

The man eventually began worrying if his ex-lover would seem him as money who was too afraid to fly and never landed; he was afraid that she would see him trapped in his dull, boring, and monotonous life due to his fear of facing the “changes” and “growth” that the world has to offer. He asked her again if Venus blew her mind. Venus is a representation for beauty, elegance, and style.

Was she accustomed to these things, was she overwhelmed or has she at least uplifted herself by such? In the bridge of the song, the man started to reminisce about their times and memories together, as friends and as a couple as well. This clearly indicates how much he misses her and how significant their memories are for him. In the end, he knows that she also misses him as she went away ‘for good. ” The woman is as lonely as he is when she left her behind.

Despite these, he does not have any anger or bitterness towards her -? for nothing was suggested throughout the song -? which could possibly mean that they could get back together, after growing into more mature individuals. The song Drops of Jupiter is about a man and woman who were once in love with each other and then separated after some time. One main reason that he song suggests is because the woman wanted space to look and discover more of herself, and check what is “out there. The song started with how the woman had returned from her journey of finding herself and showed that the man was wondering whether she found him rather boring after all of the excitement and new things she had experienced from her journeys; or did she miss him and wants to give another chance to their relationship which had apparently failed? In our generation, this is a common scenario for couples. People nowadays tend to rush into relationships without thinking of he possible consequences of their decisions.

Because of this, they get themselves lost and unsure along the way. Sooner or later, they would realize that they need to know and learn more about themselves first; they would realize how unready they are for what they have decided upon. One downside for this decision would be the unfairness for the partner who was brave enough to give their relationship a try but got left behind because of the other person’s doubtfulness and uncertainty. This could make the partner who got left behind to become quite paranoid and over-think like the man did n the song.

But not all of these yields to a negative outcome for everything that we do “happen for a reason” as they say. For as the man summed-up the events after she left him, he realized how much growth and development he needs for himself. In some parts of the song, the man stated how he noticed positive changes in the woman’s lifestyle after she returned from her journey. This is what encouraged him more on how he should also try new things, and explore the world, outside his comfort zone. The same goes for us, change is inevitable and it is quite uneasy to deal with.

When people who are inside a relationship “change,” one either leaves the relationship because it was not as happy as it used to be, or he have these unrealistic expectations from our partner; or we could deal with the changes and make new beginnings from the obstacles we face and the mistakes we have made. Change and growth is not only for people in relationships. It is for everyone, for the world offers us a lot of opportunities and possibilities that only if we let ourselves try and actually do new things, we might be surprised with how much we can change for the betterment of ourselves.