Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Young People

Alcohol and substance abuse is becoming a serious problem for our adolescents. Young people are being exposed to various kinds of liquor and noxious substances at an early age. As such, this has become a depressing sight and situation for the community. The society has grown frustrated in trying to bring up the next generation in the most proper manner and with a positive outlook, while they are being pulled down by their vicious vices that hinder the youth’s growth and development as a person.

Alcohol and drugs seem to have an irresistible appeal to the young people that makes it hard for them to resist the temptation. This is reinforced by their curiosity why liquors and drugs are illegal and why the law prohibited the use of such substances. Drugs and alcohol may have an aroma and taste that create longing for the users. The bitter taste of the alcohol seems to satisfy the thirst of drinkers like no other beverages can do. The drugs can be taken in various forms, but the incredible high it gives to the people seems to lure other young people to try it.

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Alcohol is one of the main factors that lead to the death of persons ages 10-24 which induces incidents like motor-vehicle crashes, unintentional injuries, suicide and homicide (“Young People and Alcohol”). The smell of alcohol reeking from the victim’s body of vehicular accidents is one of the leading causes of death in the roads. That is how the police determine if the driver is driving while being drunk. One of the unpleasant incidents resulting from drinking is sexual assaults or date rape cases among teens and college students (“Young People and Alcohol”).

This is an alarming crime for our teenagers, being involved in crimes at an early age due to the inevitable influence of a particular substance. Another problem that is the main concern of the society is the drug or substance abuse among young people. A study showed that young people decline in using illegal drugs but increase the abuse in the prescription drugs like pain relievers (“Teen Substance Abuse”). Drugs are one of the noxious killers of the society. It influences the users so much that they either passed out from so much intake of the substance or succumb on its inevitable influence.

Many young people are involved in various crimes because of substance abuse. It is really a depressing and frustrating to see young people who may have a great future sealed in behind bars and the sight of broken dreams and hopes destroyed by indecision and lapse of judgment. The sound of parents crying for the misfortune of their child who ended up unsuccessful despite their unconditional love and never ending sacrifices is devastating. You can hear their agony blaming themselves for being not good parents and having children like that.

The parents who nurtured and reared us to be good citizens adhering on the law and ethical norms of the society deserve more than the pain caused by children who have gotten addicted to illegal drugs. As such, we should pay them back for all the things they have done for us unconditionally. You can also feel the hurt that the parents feel and the emotions that were evoked by the situation. You can see the sadness in their eyes and feel it radiating from their body as they looked at the product of their rearing and upbringing.

You can also feel their anger to whatever is the culprit of the current situation of their children. One touch from their children will evoke more feelings. The creases on the hand of parents give assurance to the young people that it is never too late for a change. Works Cited “Teen Substance Abuse”. 2006. Greater Dallas Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse. 10 December 2008 <http://www. gdcada. org/statistics/teens. htm>. “Young People and Alcohol”. Alcohol Policies Project. May 2001. 10 December 2008 <http://www. cspinet. org/booze/alcyouth. html>.