Drugs and terrorism

Drugs and terrorism at first glance seem to be two totally different problems sharing the same distinction that they are both without national boundaries against an undefined enemy. These problems have plagued not only the United States but the whole world, it is just that the United States pioneered and is the one openly fighting both. The thing is, there is a direct relationship between these two. It has been reported that the chief source of funding of terrorism is the drug trade.

The UN reports it is a $400 billion annual business and consequently drug trafficking and production takes place in many countries where terrorism is fostered – e. g. , Afghanistan, Colombia, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Sudan, Peru. (nacro) Another problem related to terrorism is the Jihad. Basically, Jihad is the holy war Muslim terrorists use to justify their actions based on religion. Although Most Muslims say that they condemn terrorism it cannot be denied that the Qur’an spoke of Jihad, as a matter of fact, Islam seems to espouse it.

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Muslims say that the modern writings in the Qur’an spoke of peace between Muslims, Christian and Jews, however, the same sources clearly depict Muhammad as a powerful demagogue who increasingly leveraged violence and the growing power that it gave him to endorse or participate in persecution, robbery, pillaging, execution, torture and warring on those outside of Islam—a philosophy and practice both enshrined in and mitigated by holy writ, even alongside texts that emphasize commonalities and good relations with Jews and Christians.

(Leadership U) In conclusion, terrorism is the product of the Jihad which is funded by drug trafficking. In order to counter terrorism, we must start a war against drug trafficking: something we did and lost. Acting against Muslim terrorists may prove difficult since the Qur’an speaks of two actions on the opposite sides of a spectrum that Muslims should do.

This is a little confusing given that Muslims as a class cannot be targeted since they can invoke either of the two views as a defense. References LeadershipU (2006, August 13). Islam & Jihad: Is Terrorism an Aberration?. Retrieved December 5, 2007, from http://www. leaderu. com/focus/islamandjihad. html. NarcoTerror. org (2001). The Drug War and Terrorism. Retrieved December 5, 2007, from http://www. narcoterror. org/kz_oped. htm.