EA Credit 1.2

EA 1.2 CreditOptimize Energy Performance: Lighting Controls
Install daylihgt responsive controls in all occupied space within 15 feet of windows and skylights Dimmers1PT
Requirements for  Lighting Controls Credit 1.2
install daylight responsive controls in all REGULALY OCCUPIED SPACES within 15 feet of winows and under skylights.
is the controlled admission of natural light into a space through glazing with the intent of reducing or eliminating electric lighting.  By utilizing solar light, daylighting creates a stimulating and productive environment for building occupants.
Daylight Responsive Lighting Controls
are photsensors used in conjunction with other switchging and dimming devices that control the amount of artificial lighting in relationship to the amount and quality of natrual daylight.
Understand how to fill out Table 1 on pg 152.