EA Credit 2 & Credit 3

EA- Credit 2

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Enhanced Commissioning

Implement additional commissioning process activities, hire outside individual to conduct review of space, to develop a manual, and to train operating personnel and occupants



EA Credit 3

Energy Use: Measurement & Payment

If less than 75% of a building: install sub-metering equipment AND pay for energy usage or by SF.


If 75% or more of a building: install building monitoring system and develop plan consistent with the IPMVP


To satisfy the credit requirement, the submetering need only be by energy source or utility. Means….

you need to submeter tenant

(this is for Projects Less than 75% of the Total Building Area.

Do you have to measure separately?
No, you could lump in all together.  Also, you can prorate based on the number of occupants.
Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs)
are installations of equipment or systems, or modifications of equipment or systems, for the purpose of reducing energy use and/or costs.