EA Prereq 1

EA Prereq 1

Fundmental Commisioning

Designate a person to lead process, document project requirements and design for the energy related systems, intial review must be done by end of DD, develop and incorporate plan/requirements in CDs, and complete a commissioning report
LEED CI focuses on the individual aspects of energy efficiency, lighting, HVAC, and appliances and equipment. Therefore there is an incentive to:

purchase green power.

Intent of Fundamental Commissioning
Verify that the project’s energy-related systems are installed, calibrated and perform as intended.
Potential Technologies ; Strategies
Engage a Commissioning Authority prior to the start of design.; Determine the owner’s program and initial design intent.  Develop and maintain a commissioning plan for use during design and construction. Incorporate commissioning requirements in bid documents. Assemble the commisioing team and PRIOR TO OCCUPANCY or have a CONTRACT IN PLACE TO VERIFY), verify the performance of energy consuming systems.  Complete the commissioing reports with recommendations prior to acceptance of the HVAC systems.
Basis of Design
includes all information necessary to accomplish the design intent, including weather data, interior environmental criteria, other pertinent design assumptions, cost goals, and references to applicable codes, standards, regulations and guidelines.
is the process of ensuring that systems are designed, installed, functionally tested, and capable of being operated and maintained to perform in conformity with the DESIGN INTENT.
Commissioning Plan
is a document defining the commissioing process, which is developed in increasing detail as the projet progresses through its various phases.
Commissioing Report
is the document that records the results of the commisioing pocess, including the as-built performance of the HVAC system and unresolved issues.
Commissioning Specification

is the CONTRACT document that details the objective, scope and implementation of the construction and acceptance phases of the commissioinging process as developed in the design-phase commissioing plan.


Could be commissioned before completion of project unless a contract is in place.

Commissioing Team
includes those people responsible for working toether to carry out the commissioining process.
Design Intent
is a detailed explanation of teh ideas, concepts and criteria that are defined by the owner to be important.  This typically is an expansion of the information provided in the owner’s program.
Functional Performance Testing (FPT)
is the process of determining the ability of the HVAC system to deliver heating ventilating and air-conditioning services in accordance with the final design intent.
includes the full range of checks and tests carried out to determine if all components, subsystems, systems, and interfaces between systems operate in accordance with the contract documents.; In this context, ;operate; includes all modes and sequences of control operation, interlocks and conditional control response, and specified responsed to abnormal or emergency conditions.
Order of Commissioning

  1. Commissioning
  2. Commissioning Team
  3. Commissioing Plan
  4. Design Intent
  5. Basis of Design
  6. Commissioing Specifications
  7. Verification
  8. Functional Performance Testing (FPT)
  9. Commissioing Report

Needs for Quality assurance process

Just for Prereq. there needs to be a seperation.; The commissioing agent needs to be seperate from the design team.


Enhanced: can not even be a memeber of the firm.;

Who can always commission?
The owner of the building.